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NYC Freedom Day Rally Organizer Cat McGuire: “No Mandates, No Passports!”

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Cat McGuire, a key organizer of the New York franchise of Saturday’s Worldwide Rally for Freedom, discusses the challenges and opportunities of organizing pro-freedom demonstrations in an increasingly unfree world. This interview was recorded on the eve of the demonstration, which attracted thousands in New York City and untold numbers in more than 180 cities worldwide, including Los AngelesSanta Barbara, Salt Lake City, Boulder, Calgary, LondonEdmonton, Manchester, and of course Melbourne where clashes with police elicited worldwide MSM hysteria, as exemplified by the Washington Post article  “Far-right activists blamed for fueling anti-vaccine mobs in Melbourne Australia.”

The worldwide demonstrators’ message is a simple four-word slogan: “No mandates! No passports!” (They’re not crazy about lockdowns either.)

Cat writes:

“Wow! Wow! We had such a phenomenal rally in Times Square, Saturday, September 18, 2021. Agreed by all, it was New York’s best health freedom rally to date.  Forget what so much of the press said, there were thousands present, not hundreds.

“The charged spirit of the crowd carried the day more than anything else. Having our rally in big, boisterous Times Square, where if you make it there, you can make it anywhere, added to the intensity of everyone’s mission to speak out against the illegality of masks, lockdowns, mandates, and passports.

“I co-produced the event and was finally able to get us the permit for Times Square after team members had tried for 2 months. But then we lost the location, got it back, and lost it again. Detective Mike Dugan fought for us in negotiations and finally at 5:00pm on Tuesday, 4 days before the event was to take place (!), we were officially confirmed with a permit for Times Square. It was very stressful to say the least.

“But here it is in living color, a fabulous rally!”


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