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Ralph Cinque on film “The Pro Bono Watchman” and the JFK Ice Bullet Theory

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Ralph Cinque of the Oswald Innocence Campaign and scriptwriter for the forthcoming film The Pro Bono Watchman (watch the trailer) thinks JFK got iced…literally. He argues for a new interpretation of the (edited-by-the-perps) Zapruder film, claiming that the first shot hit JFK’s back earlier than the official story and edited film depict, which shot consisted of an ice flechette that released a nerve agent paralyzing the president as the limousine slowed down for the kill zone. Sounds crazy? Maybe…but not nearly as crazy as the official magic bullet theory!

Note: The Pro Bono Watchman’s plot includes an ice bullet shooting.

UPDATE: Ralph uses photos and stills to illustrate his theory.

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