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Ralph Cinque on film “The Pro Bono Watchman” and the JFK Ice Bullet Theory

Listen HERE Ralph Cinque of the Oswald Innocence Campaign and scriptwriter for the forthcoming film The Pro Bono Watchman (watch the trailer) thinks JFK got iced…literally. He argues for a new interpretation of the (edited-by-the-perps) Zapruder film, claiming that the first shot hit JFK’s back earlier than the official story and edited film depict, which shot consisted of an ice flechette that released a nerve agent paralyzing the president as the limousine slowed down for the kill zone. Sounds crazy? Maybe…but not nearly as crazy as the official magic bullet theory! Note: The Pro Bono Watchman’s plot includes an ice bullet shooting. UPDATE: Ralph uses photos and…


Nadeem Haque on animals’ consciousness, souls & afterlife; Ralph Cinque on his new film “My Stretch of Texas Ground”

Listen HERE First hour: Nadeem Haque has just published a paper on the Qur’an and the issue of animals’ consciousness, souls and afterlife. Nadeem Haque is a Philosopher of Science and Belief Systems. He is the author of eight books and one other soon to be published book, and numerous peer-reviewed articles (total of around 40 articles/papers). His work has focused on six main areas: Animal Rights and Environment/Ecology; the origins and nature of consciousness; the unification of physics; macro-evolution and History/History of Science (‘Pre-Ancient’, Ancient and the Middle Ages) and Extraterrestrial Life/Extrasolar planets and the Quran. Second hour: Ralph…