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LIVE RADIO! Two Guys Named Eric Who Found God: Only One Shows Up

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Author, journalist, and geopolitics expert Eric Walberg grew up as a Communist sympathizer in Cold War era Canada. Somewhere along the line he converted to Islam. So Eric got a chance to be demonized twice! His new article “Needed urgently! New US national myth” reviews Andrei Martyanov’s Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse (and also cites the #1 Russian observer of American collapse, Dmitry Orlov) observing: “Empires rise and fall. And usually burn themselves out rather quickly. What else is new? ‘America decline’ is a Wikipedia page. You can feel it in the air. One greets it with dread or hope, or better dread-hope. America’s sins are adding up, yet the US is a behemoth for well over two centuries and will not go in peace.”

Second hour: Eric Sayward, one of the early leaders of We Are Change, wants to join Truth Jihad Radio for some interfaith dialogue. Eric wanted to talk about God/Allah. And since the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 false flag is rapidly approaching, we planned to get into that as well.

But Eric didn’t show up. So instead I had another spirited COVID/vaccine debate with Mr. Rho.

Speaking of interfaith dialogue and 9/11, next week I’ll be interviewing Canadian Christian educator Ray McGinnis about his new 9/11 book Unanswered Questions.

And can interfaith dialogue bridge the gap between Islam and the Star Wars cult? Is “may the Force be with you” Star Wars speak for “as-salaamu alaikum”?

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