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Eric Walberg Offers Islamic View of Solzhenitsyn

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Canadian Muslim Eric Walberg, author of The Canada-Israel Nexus, Islamic Resistance to Imperialism, and other books, discusses his new article “Ramadan musings: Solzhenitsyn — everybody’s pain in the neck.” Eric writes:
“Solzhenitsyn gave no thought to Islam, even though it was clear to all that a genuine theocracy, Solzhenitsyn’s implied ‘good society’, came about on the Soviet Union’s southern border, even as the faux communist utopias (both the Soviet Union and Afghanistan) were disintegrating. Shia Iran pretty much fills Solzhenitsyn’s checklist. Though persecuted, Iran was distant enough and with a strong enough culture to resist the capitalist trap, and its 1979 revolution was overwhelmingly popular, unlike the mini-revolution in Afghanistan in 1978, which was really more a palace coup.”

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