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World Bank Whistleblower Peter Koenig on “the Relentless Drive to Vaccinate, Vaccinate, Vaccinate”

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Former World Bank economist Peter Koenig joins Truth Jihad Radio to push back against the insane censorship of all views that deviate even slightly from some vague notion of COVID-19 Orthodoxy—including last weekend’s YouTube censorship of False Flag Weekly News.

In his new article “Beware of Covid PCR Testing and the Relentless ‘Vaccinate Vaccinate Vaccinate’ Campaign” Peter writes: “… there is a relentless drive by western countries, foremost Europe and the US to vaccinate-vaccinate-vaccinate – and this with a substance that is not even qualifying as a vaccine, namely a new type of what’s also called ‘gene-therapy’, a mRNA-type injection which will affect the human genome and most likely the human DNA.”

In his previous article “The WEF’s Great Reset – Euphemism for a WWIII Scenario?” Peter Koening argues that we must resist the preplanned COVID-triggered Great Reset plan for total Orwellian cyber-surveillance and control while there is still time. He approvingly cites “the leading German Human Rights lawyer, Dr. Reiner Füllmich, a member of the Corona Investigative Committee, which investigates globally on the prosecution of fraudulent reporting of covid- vaccination, testing and leading to fraudulent ‘case figures’ – and to a massive drive to instill fear in the population. He and his team are launching several Class Action suits in the US and in Canada, and several lawsuits against individuals and institutions in Europe and the US. He calls these coming trials ‘Nuremberg 2’, after the Nuremberg trials following WWII.”

Peter also mentions COVID’s $7 trillion transfer from ordinary people to the oligarchy and plans for a currency reset triggered by a false flag cyber-attack on the banking system. Which raises the question: When the Great Resetters say “You will own nothing and be happy,” do they really mean “We will own everything and be happy”?

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