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FFWN: Domestic Terror Alert! Conspiracy Theorist Insurrection Threatens Free World! (with E. Michael Jones)

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1) Help FFWN Share “They Live” Sunglasses

2) Terror Alert! DHS uses federal alert system for 1st time in a year to warn of domestic terrorist threat

We Must Censor “Conspiracy Theories”!

3) NYT Lies About “Conspiracy Theories,” Blames Them for Capitol “Insurrection”

4) NYT Screams for Censorship: 1st Amendment Is a “Virtual Suicide Bomb” 

5) Tulsi Gabbard rips Brennan, Schiff and Big Tech for attacks on civil liberties, calls them MORE DANGEROUS than Capitol rioters

Bad Reactions

6) Bad Reactions to COVID Vaccines Go Viral

7) Companies are racing to build digital passports for people to prove they’ve had the Covid vaccine

8) Recession is over for the richest few while billions will live in poverty for at least a decade – Oxfam

9) Covid-19 wiped out equivalent of 255 MILLION full-time jobs last year – UN labor agency

10) Riots explode across Netherlands over covid restrictions with Dutch leader calling participants criminals

China Syndrome

11) WHO Advisor Admits COVID Is Bioweapon (True) Blames China for “Lab Leak” (False) 

12) COVID Anal Swabs for Beijing Residents More Accurate Says Chinese Expert

13) As Wuhan returns to normal a year after lockdown it’s a bitter pill to swallow for US media

14) US carrier group enters South China Sea amid tensions between China and Taiwan

15) Man Bites Dog! CFR’s Foreign Affairs Magazine Publishes Sensible Foreign Policy Advice: End “Delusions of Dominance”

War on Russia

16) In Aleksei Navalny Protests Russia Faces Biggest Dissent in Years

17) With “Biden” in the White House the Kremlin Now Needs to Change Gear

Culture Wars

18) San Francisco to remove names of Washington and Lincoln from schools 

19) Biden accused of ‘erasing women’ after signing Gender Identity order

20) BBC programme tells 9-year-olds there are ‘over 100 genders’

21) Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was an FBI informant 

Ghislaine vs. All-White Jury 

22) Ghislaine Maxwell Tries to Get Charges Dropped by Claiming Jury is Too White

23) Ghislaine Maxwell ‘ordered room full of underage girls to kiss and dance in front of Epstein

Unpardonable Trump

24) Trump’s Unpardonable Pardons: Another disgraceful performance from “Israel’s president”

25) Revisiting the top 10 antisemitic moments of Trump’s presidency

25A) Top Antisemitic Moment This Week: Republican Jewish Coalition Rebukes Rep. Taylor Greene’s ‘Indefensible’ Jewish Space Laser Theory

26) Palast’s election fraud book online: “How Trump Stole 2020”

27) CJ Hopkins Sums Up the Trump False Flag: “That’s All Folks!” 

Zio Madness

28) Israelis Say They’ll Attack Iran If US Eases Sanctions

29) Senior National Security Agency Official Donates $560,000 to Aipac, as NSC and Israel Lobby Denounce Report as ‘Anti-Semitic’

30) Trump-n-Yahoo Rollback? US assures two-state solution for Israel-Palestine at UN

The Button

31) Fake News Alert! Biden did not in fact remove Trump’s ‘Diet Coke button’

32) Another Version: Biden brought the button Trump used to order Diet Cokes back to the Oval Office

Spacetime Modification

33) US Navy ‘UFO Patent’ Docs Reveal Thorough Testing of ‘Spacetime Modification Weapon’ Report Says

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