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Elias Davidsson: I Sued a Zionist Wikipedia Editor for Slander—and Won!

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Researcher and author Elias Davidsson has shown that there is no evidence any Muslims hijacked planes on 9/11. (See his book Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11, reviewed here, as well as the new America’s Betrayal Confirmed.) He also exposed “India’s 9/11” – the 26/11/2008 attacks on Mumbai—in his book The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence. Such efforts apparently ruffled certain people’s feathers. Elias Davidsson wrote me:

“The district court at the German city of Koblenz ruled on Thursday, 14 January 2021 in the case Davidsson vs. Gruenewald, that Gruenewald, a convert to Judaism who acted within Wikipedia under the pseudonym « Feliks », pay the equivalent of $9,000 to me, Elias Davidsson, as damages for having slandered me anonymously on Wikipedia over more than 3 years. Other unidentified authors contributed to the slander but could not be brought to account. Nevertheless, as of today, 20 January 2021, all the slanderous expressions on the Wikipedia entry on Elias Davidsson were deleted by anxious authors. This is a milestone court decision that scares wannabe propagandists and slanderers within the secret Wikipedia community. Governments must tackle the problem of accountability of Wikipedia authors in order to prevent these  from slandering other citizens with impunity because Wikipedia has become a de facto universal encyclopaedia on which billions of people rely. Authors should write under the full names and bear responsibility for their writings.”

—Elias Davidsson, Germany

Elias Davidsson was born to Jewish parents in Palestine in 1941. At 14 years of age he was sent to Vienna to study music. … After receiving a diploma as piano teacher in Switzerland, he returned to Iceland to work as a music school director, church organist, teacher, composer and arranger. He has lived in Iceland and Germany, and worked as a human rights activist, researcher, and author.

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