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E. Michael Jones: Election Was Rigged, Color Revolution Coming?

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E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars, recently appeared on False Flag Weekly News in a pre-election episode entitled Exposing Hoax Election—and “Borat’s Holohoax.”  Now he’s back to offer his post-election views—which are diametrically opposed to those of previous guest Barrie Zwicker. Selected quotes from this interview:

“The election was stolen from Trump, and the question is whether he has enough political power to contest it…so the question is, will the courts listen to what he’s saying? Can he get a fair hearing? I think if he does, there is a fair chance they will overturn the election.”

“I think the whole rush to annoint Biden was shameless. It was dishonest. And you could tell the dishonesty from the type of article that was coming out. No mention of any type of voter fraud. You were banned if you mentioned the words ‘voter fraud.’ No mention that there were objections to what was going on. Yet we had articles like ‘new First Lady Elect Jill Biden will keep her job. She’s going to continue to be a working woman while her husband is president, and sharing her favorite recipe for angel food cake.’ But wait, we don’t know he’s the president elect! Is that because the New York Times said so? Are they the ones who determine this? They said they were. There was a tweet to that effect. So once again it comes down to ‘if the oligarch said it it must be true.'”

“(The New York Times) has thrown all pretense of objectivity to the winds. I have never seen a group of people calling themselves journalists who are less involved in journalism that what I’ve seen now among the mainstream media. And this adds to my suspicions about what’s going on here. In 2000 there was a disputed election in Florida and it dominated the news for about 30 days. Isn’t that their job, to cover these disputed elections? Now they’re denying that there is any dispute. They’re denying that anybody in his right mind could question this election.”

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