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FFWN: BREAKING NEWS: World Has Ended! Details at the Top of the Hour

Guest host: filmmaker John Hankey

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00) Help FFWN Break the (MSM) News…Into Pieces!

0) Coronavirus an Inside Job: Livestreamed Sun. Nov. 29, 3 pm ET

1) YouTube, Google suppress AE911Truth, boost NIST

Trump-n-Yahu 9112B?!

2) Prominent Iranian physicist assassinated near Tehran‘Prominent-Iranian-physicist-assassinated-near-Tehran’

3) Israeli military prepares for possibility Trump will strike Iran

4) Message to Iran: B-52 bombers deployed to Middle East

5) Trump is junking a treaty—and two planes—designed to stop nuclear war

6) The US brokered an unprecedented summit between Israel and Saudi Arabia as a reward for assassinating an Al Qaeda leader, sources say

7) Hezbollah the Beautiful

Trump Firing Squads?!

8) The Independent: Trump pushing through dozens of last minute policy changes – including use of firing squads.\

9) Trump pardons Michael Flynn, whose lies to FBI included one about Israel

10) Fox paid seven figures to settle lawsuit over bogus Seth Rich conspiracy story

Election Mess

11) Sidney Powell “Releases the Kraken”

12) Could lawmakers ‘mess’ with Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes? Possibly.

COVID Unmasked: (Kevin’s Submissions)

13) ‘Health passports’ for air travel mean mandatory Covid-19 vaccines cloaked in the illusion of choice

14) Johns Hopkins University Newsletter Deletes Article: A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19   censored article was removed from:

15) Flashback: Judging the Covid-19 Pandemic: Excess Deaths Is the Best Metric

COVID Remasked (Allan’s Submissions)

16) CDC: 299,028 excess deaths occurred from late January through October 3, 2020, with 198,081 (66%) excess deaths attributed to COVID-19.

17) Most coronavirus cases are spread by people without symptoms, CDC now says

18) More than 85,700 coronavirus patients hospitalized nationwide, shattering records (again)

19) Now you SHOULD buy an N95: Former FDA commissioner urges Americans to ‘buy better masks’ to protect themselves amid record-high surges in coronavirus cases

20) History Reminder: The 1918 Flu Came Roaring Back In January In San Francisco Because People Stopped Wearing Masks.

Plandemic Econopocalypse

21) Covid-19 pandemic is the first time 40% of Americans have experienced food insecurity

22) Child Dragged From House As California Highway Patrol Evicts Families From Vacant Homes

23) Job guarantees and free money: ‘Utopian’ ideas tested in Europe as the pandemic gives governments a new role

China Rising

24) Pepe Escobar: Dragon flies, eagle crashes at geoeconomic summits

25) Peter Koenig: The China Moment


26) Kenosha: Teen Kyle Rittenhouse Freed on Bail with Help from TV Star Rick Schroeder and MyPillow Founder

27) What Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2 Million Fundraiser Reveals About the Unequal System of Justice in America

Anti-Semitism Watch

28) Obama Attacks Jewish Money Power In New Memoir


30) Flashback: Antifa Censor Spencer Sunshine: “You Didn’t Know I Was Jewish?!”

31) Amazon Alexa Accused of Spreading “Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories”


32) Was Zappa, King of Laurel Canyon, Zapped?

33) Flashback: Dave McGowan: Was 60’s rock music one big psy-op?

Meanwhile in Canada

34) Canadian officials warn drivers not to let moose lick their cars






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