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LIVE RADIO! Homer Van Meter on “Living in Rome: A 9/11 Story,” John Hankey vs. Rolf Lindgren Election Debate

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio

First hour: Wisconsin lumberjack and author Homer Van Meter recently published Living in Rome: A 9/11 Story. Though thinly-disguised autobiography, it reads like a novel and packs a powerful punch. If Hemingway had been around to predict 9/11 a few days before it happened while on a moose hunting trip, then survive a near-lethal attack triggered by his truth-telling, he might have written something like this.

Homer describes himself as “a longtime researcher, investigator, and sometime archaeologist seeking the objective truth about the past and how it relates to the present day human experience. He lives near Rhinelander, Wisconsin, with his wife and three dogs.”

Second hour: Another Wisconsin original, Rolf Lindgren, debates conspiracy filmmaker John Hankey on the 2020 presidential elections. Will Wisconsin “swing” to Trump and help keep the orange archfiend in the White House? It will if Rolf can help it! A former Libertarian activist, Rolf now works with the Wisconsin Republican Party on the Trump for President campaign.

As for John Hankey, he has little use for Trump, having gone so far as to accuse our fearless leader of signing off on the COVID-19 strike on China and Iran and then getting vaccinated in November at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Yet from Hankey’s perspective Trump is a lesser evil compared to other Republicans. Hankey writes:

“I DO think Trump wanted to end the war in Afghanistan (as Obama did) but they wouldn’t let him (though they probably didn’t threaten to kill him, as they did to Obama, with the Salahis.)  I do think that Trump/Bannon takes the position, on the right, that you don’t have to kill soldiers, to loot the treasury using the defense budget.  You just loot. No war necessary.  So we can agree that Trump is a million times better than a Bush or a Romney or anyone else from that cabal. Bannon sold the Republican rulers on the idea that if Romney lost by 8 million votes to a guy whose middle name is Hussein, you had to get a candidate who could imply that Bush did 9-11: Trump, if you wanted people to vote for a Republican. I think I’d rather talk about that stuff, than this virus bs.” 
John Hankey is the director of Dark LegacyThe Assassination of JFK Jr., and COVID-19 Inside Job.

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