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FFWN: Why Choose the Lesser Evil?

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This episode features author and geopolitics analyst Eric Walberg


1) Help FFWN Show that the Lesser Evil is Still Evil!

2) Will the 2020 Election Be Stolen–Webinar Oct 25th

Crimes of Ibn Saud

3) Palestinian Islamic Jihad slams Arab League

4) Shaikh Sudais Desecrates Masjid al Haram by Kowtowing to Zionists

5) Khashoggi “Murdered to Silence Him” Ahead of Meeting with 9/11 Families

Crimes of Zion

6) Palestinians with Jewish Ancestry Welcome in Spain—But Not Occupied Palestine!


7B) Zionist Puppet Trump Imposes Crushing New Iran Sanctions


8) Trump-COVID Dominates News Cycle—Scripted Drama?

9) Democrats Blame Trump Rhetoric For Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot

10) New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Biden expands lead to 8 points as voters blame Trump for COVID-19 carelessness and chaotic debate

11) Here’s everyone at the White House Rose Garden SCOTUS event now called a likely ‘superspreader.’ Help us ID them all.

12) COVID-Positive Trump Ignores CDC Advice to Take Joyride, With Grim Secret Service Agents in Tow

13) “Openly trying to cheat”: Trump campaign tells local election officials to ignore voting rules

14) Goldman Sachs Endorses Democrats (a Good Reason to Vote for Trump?)

COVID Controversies

15) The Toll Since Coronavirus Struck: 266, 000 More Deaths Than Normal

16) Trump health official meets with doctors pushing herd immunity

17) Scientists study whether immune response wards off or worsens Covid: Vaccine may make things worse>

18) BIOWAR FLASHBACK: New Evidence Implicates CIA in 1971 Attack on Cuba with African Swine Fever Virus

19) Aussies defy COVID limits and crowd Victoria’s beaches, parks

20) The Constitutional Reckoning of State Lockdown Orders

Mask Madness

21) USPS Covid-19 Coronavirus Plan To Send Every Household Face Masks: Why The White House Stopped It

22) Why the N95 Mask Shortage?

23) Against Covid-19, Imperfect Measures Do the Most Good

Censored Academy

24) NYU prof & 9/11 truth advocate Mark Crispin Mller targeted for questioning masks

25) “Masking Ourselves to Death” by Mark Crispin Miller

Censored Internet 

26) Facebook bans QAnon across its platforms

27) Gab Welcomes QAnon Across Its Platforms

Trump vs. Internet Censorship?

28) Trump administration to launch antitrust suit against Google as soon as next week

29) ‘Repeal Section 230’: Trump lashes out after Twitter & Facebook censor his ‘flu season’ post as Covid ‘misinformation’

Flush with Cash

30) NASA Flush with Cash? $23 Million Titanium Toilet Test

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