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Meryl Nass MD on HCQ & Other Plandemic Issues

Dr. Meryl Nass

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Meryl Nass, MD, independent biowarfare expert and one of the stars of Plandemic 2, makes many of the same points in that film that she made months earlier on my radio show (transcript here) and in my COVID Biowar webinar.  Now she’s back to discuss recent developments including:

How a false hydroxychloroquine narrative was created, and more (updated many times)

Comprenhensive list of HCQ studies:

Covid-19 deaths in Italy: 96% had pre-existing conditions, 99% were age 50 or older…Basically confirming the CDC stats that only 6% of deaths were from Covid alone

Hydroxychloroquine: the EVIDENCE you have nothing to worry about. Doctors must speak up!

The perfect storm created by poorly tested pandemic vaccines: when they are not tested, manufacturers cannot be found liable for injuries

Why did 6 fact-check sites and USAT ignore all my work describing why I think the novel coronavirus came from a lab?

One Thought to “Meryl Nass MD on HCQ & Other Plandemic Issues”

  1. Ellen Corley

    Thanks for this coverage providing needed scientific honesty regarding the way we are all being deceived by COVID hoax. It is interesting how I was reluctant to call 9/11 attack s hoax because it happened, but I now understand that these are all in fact media driven hoaxes Orchestrated by our corrupt government. No’s that I am woke, I am so frustrated listening to clueless news Reporters and fellow citizens be so unable to see the truth about our current “emperors new clothes” situation. I do suggest people do their research and challenge the big lies being used to capture our pubic estate. I plan to try to come to Madison on Sept 11 to be in solidarity with other Truthers. Also, I would like to organize a 9/11 truth alternative radio Truth Jihad Free Speech community center in Chicago Please call me to discuss @EllenCorley 312-371-5078 1500 N LaSalle, 3D, Chicago, Il 60610.

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