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John Hankey & Peter Myers on “COVID-19 Inside Job” & “Plandemic”

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First hour: John Hankey, director of Dark Legacy and The Assassination of JFK Jr.discusses his highly recommended new documentary COVID-19 Inside Job. If you were wondering why the CDC has ordered state officials to prepare to distribute the new COVID-19 vaccine by late October or early November, right before the election—even though it should be impossible to produce a safe effective vaccine against a novel coronavirus in anything less than years—wonder no more. According to John Hankey, COVID-19 is a decade(s)-old biological weapon that was deliberately unleashed on the world by the same group that orchestrated the world wars and depressions, 9/11, and so much more. They probably spent many years developing the vaccine alongside the disease, released the disease and administered the vaccine to Trump and other selected leaders last year, and will be merely ramping up production of a pre-existing germ warfare vaccine, not inventing a new one, as an October Surprise. For more details, read this extract from my previous interview with John Hankey.

Peter Myers

Halfway through the hour, Peter Myers joins us to discuss another new coronavirus conspiracy documentary, Plandemic 2. On August 27, Peter sent out an email blast with the subject header “Plandemic 2 – Why are Barrett and Chossudovsky not covering it?” Peter wrote: “About August 22, the Plandemic 2 video was released. It portrays Sars Covid 19 as a conspiracy made in the USA – and in China. One might have thought that Kevin Barrett (Veterans Today) & Michel Chossudovsky (Global Research) would have covered it. But when I did searches, I found No Hits.”

Frankly, Peter, I doubt if I’ve ever in my life even heard about any film, much less watched it, less than five days after release! I’m not one of those fashionable people who lines up for brand-new films. Anyway…since then I have found the time to watch much of it, and to invite Peter to discuss it on my show.

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