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UAE leadership brazenly betrayed the Palestinian cause

Kevin Barrett interviewed by Press TV

Israel and the UAE just announced full normalization of relations. The UAE has actually been cozying up to Israel for many, many years, but this makes it official. Now it’s a real shame, the way the leadership in many Muslim majority countries has betrayed the Palestinian cause. This is not the first time. It’s actually just another milestone in this process of betrayal. And what’s really terrible about this is the way it’s so emblematic of the corruption in the Muslim majority countries.

The UAE was a British colony for very many years. And it only got so-called independence in the 1960s. But in fact, the deal there, very much like the deal in so-called Saudi Arabia was that the leadership would obey orders from the western banking cartel that rules much of the world, and in return, they would be allowed to live lives of extreme luxury.

So, these pathetic puppet princes in these Persian Gulf statelets will do anything for money. They are utterly and completely corrupt. And as such, they don’t represent Islamic values. They represent the values of the corrupt Quraysh rulers of Mecca at the time of the Prophet (peace upon him), who were piling up their money and not taking care of people. And Islam brought completely opposite values. The Quran tells us that piling up money is wrong. And it tells us that in every country, in every city, the rulers are corrupt, and conspire, but they only conspire against themselves and they don’t realize it.

And those are the kinds of people now who are ruling, not just in the UAE but in other occupied countries. They are very much like the barefoot Bedouins who can build tall buildings, as we have heard from the Hadith about the end times. That Hadith tells us that at the time when the Malhamah or the big final war is coming at the end stage of human history, these incredibly corrupt people will be aggrandizing their egos, by making deals with the likes of Donald Trump as the Saudis have to build these tall buildings to make themselves feel big.

And so these are the kind of people that are ruling in the heart of the historical Islamic world. And the Palestinians who are the custodians of the holiest places in Islam and Christianity, are being subjected to genocide by a brutal occupation that is desecrating the holy places, destroying churches and mosques in the Holy Land and working towards a complete domination of the region and stealing all of the land between the two rivers the Nile and the Euphrates. This is the Zionist messianic dream, which is the dream of the Antichrist for Christians and Muslims.

So we’re probably living in the end times, and the complete corruption of the Emirati rulers is just one of the many signs. If there were a cure for this it would be some form of moving towards reuniting the Islamic world and bringing back Islamic values to the historical heartland of Islam.

Maybe we could imagine such a thing happening, as Turkey is slowly returning to Islamic values, or at least seems to be claiming they are trying to, and as Iran has returned to Islamic values since the 1979 revolution.

Perhaps an alliance of Turkey and Iran will eventually be able to take these little colonies—these tiny little splinter princeling ruled pieces of land with no significance, other than the fact that they are places where the world’s most corrupt people can earn huge piles of money—and bring them back into the Islamic world, and bring back Islamic values.

At some point the West is going to collapse. It’s already seemingly on its deathbed. And when that happens, we’ll, God willing, see an end to this kind of horrific misrule and genocide and collaboration with the forces of the Antichrist.

Kevin Barrett is an American author, journalist and radio host with a Ph.D. in Islamic and Arabic Studies. He has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003. He recorded this article for Press TV website.

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