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UAE leadership brazenly betrayed the Palestinian cause

Kevin Barrett interviewed by Press TV Israel and the UAE just announced full normalization of relations. The UAE has actually been cozying up to Israel for many, many years, but this makes it official. Now it’s a real shame, the way the leadership in many Muslim majority countries has betrayed the Palestinian cause. This is not the first time. It’s actually just another milestone in this process of betrayal. And what’s really terrible about this is the way it’s so emblematic of the corruption in the Muslim majority countries. The UAE was a British colony for very many years. And it…


Yemeni general: Attacks on UAE will continue

Above: Press TV interview with Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett Yemen’s army and its allies have staged a drone strike on Dubai International Airport in retaliation for the United Arab Emirate’s role in stepped-up Saudi attacks on the impoverished country, a television report says.   A Samad-3 drone hit the world’s third busiest airport during several attacks early Sunday, al-Masirah TV network reported, citing an informed source at the drone unit of Yemen’s army and popular committees. The army and popular committees announced their first retaliatory attack on Dubai airport in August, saying it had disrupted air traffic, but which Emirati authorities denied. The UAE is…