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Gordon Duff Says Israel Nuked Beirut

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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, has been on a roll lately with such articles as “After-Report on the Nuclear Attack on Beirut,” “Breathtaking: Case Closed, Infrared Video Reveals Details of Israeli Nuclear Missile,” “Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. Confirm,” and “Did the Missile/Fertilizer/Fireworks Explosion Miss the ‘Warehouse?- New Impact Photos.” And how does the nuking of Beirut relate to “Trump’s Secret War Plan for the South China Sea“? Tune in and find out.

One Thought to “Gordon Duff Says Israel Nuked Beirut”

  1. The Ghost of Paul Harvey

    Gordon Duff USED to be a regular “guest” RENSE.COM

    So did JIM FETZER.

    Maybe somebody can explain to me why BOTH were DROPPED down the garbage chute by Jeff Rense ?

    ALT RADIO, like the “Regular” radio, is populated by, as Mencken said long ago, MONTE BANKS.
    Otherwise known as SNAKE OIL SALESMEN.

    Oh well, PT Barnum must be laughing his ass off somewhere in the ether.

    “You can NEVER go broke UNDER estimating the intelligence of the American public”.

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