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FFWN: “Conspiracy Theories” Winning!

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1) Help Conspiracy Theorists Win! Support FFWN

2) Interactive Symposium Tomorrow! “Is Covid-19 the new 9/11-style false flag to stop China’s rise and advance Western bankster dictatorship?”

2B) Ron Unz and Other Truth-Seekers to Explore Corona Bioweapon Hypothesis This Sunday

Conspiracy Theorists Are Winning!

3)  “Conspiracy Theories” Winning! 3/5ths of Brits Think Government Is Misleading Public on Coronavirus

4) Elon Musk Takes the Red Pill, Ivanka Follows – NYT Horrified

Trump vs. Internet Oligarchs

5) Twitter labeled Trump tweets with a fact check for the first time

6) Trump threatens to crack down on social media platforms after Twitter labels his tweets

7) Trump set to order review of law that protects social media companies

8) Two Cheers for Trump! Religion IS Essential, Social Media MUST BE Content Neutral (UPDATED with text of executive order announcement)

Dystopia Now

9) NYT: Will Generalissimo Trump Cancel Election?

10) US Billionaires Increase Net Worth by $434B During Coronavirus Lockdown

11) The Modern-Day Cult of Corona: The Imposition of a “Multilayer Control Grid”. The “Lock Step” Future of Humanity? Pt. 1: Pt. 2:

12) New Rockefeller COVID-19 Action Plan & The UN’s NWO Website As The CDC Goes Door to Door

13) Deadlier than Covid? Medics sound alarm as lockdown suicides SOAR in US – and health officials knew it would happen

Corona: Masks & Vaccines

14) US coronavirus death toll passes 100,000

15) JAMA Bombshell: “universal masking may lead to more transmission of Covid-19”


17) Poll: Half of Americans would get a COVID-19 vaccine About 20 percent say they will refuse the vaccine once it’s developed

18) The more you know? Over a third of Americans apprehensive about Covid-19 vaccine, citing rushed development & trust issues

19) Meet Bill Gates

20) Moderna execs sold $29 million in stock after its early vaccine announcement

Wars on China & Cash

21) China Rules Out Animal Market and Lab as Coronavirus Origin

22) Xi Seeks Victory Over Trump in Race for a Covid-19 Vaccine and will share it with the world

23) China to launch digital yuan next year to replace cash

24) The Central Bank of France carries out a successful digital euro trial.

Minneapolis Can’t Breathe

25) Riot cops fire tear gas & rubber bullets as HUGE crowds march in Minnesota after police-involved chokehold death (VIDEOS)

26) Stores set ABLAZE in Minneapolis as police struggle to contain anti-brutality protests (VIDEOS)

27) False Flag Alert! White Undercover Cop Smashes Windows, Black Protestors Try to Stop Him

Zionist Gangsters, Hitler’s Alligator & Soylent Green

28) Richard Slverstein: Israel Is a Kosher Nostra Gangster State

29) ‘Hitler’s alligator’ dies in Moscow at age of 84: Did Bibi Order the Hit?

30) ‘Is that like Soylent Green?’ Trump adviser calls American workers ‘human capital stock’ & triggers cannibalism-themed meme storm

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