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Maisoon Rice & Eric Zeusse vs. Dominant Coronavirus Discourse

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First half hour: Displaced Palestinian Maisoon Rice sends out a terrific email digest of Palestine-related articles. She’s an outspoken truth-seeker – so outspoken that even George Galloway banned her from his show. (Note: George Galloway may be opening up a bit on red pill issues—I recently appeared on his show and am hoping to have him on mine one of these days.)

In this interview Maisoon explains how she went from cheering for frontline corona heroes every 8pm to extreme COVID skepticism. She now believes the pandemic was planned long in advance by “the usual suspects,” and thinks the medical threat has been exaggerated for political purposes.

Second half hour: Investigative historian Eric Zeusse joins us to deplore the existence of the biological warfare industry. He says the biowar sector is a $500 billion per year industry in the US alone. Check out his article “The Stupid Insanity of Biological Warfare R&D.” He tentatively disagrees with Maison Rice and yours truly about the COVID pandemic being unleashed deliberately by the people who had the most to gain; but admits that “the usual suspects” have made trillions of dollars from it — the biggest wealth transfer in human history.

One Thought to “Maisoon Rice & Eric Zeusse vs. Dominant Coronavirus Discourse”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    “cheering for frontline corona heroes every 8pm”.

    Another (pagan-like) ritual to induct people into a member of the NWO humanity : Clapping at 8 pm, like a well-trained seal in a circus, for “Corona heroes”.

    Come on Miss Rice, there you let your guard down in a very big fashion. It is a vivid reminder of the power of the media and mass hysteria it created.

    Getting sick and death are part of the human experience. Including respiratory diseases that have been with mankind for 1000 of years. I would even venture to say that getting sick, here and there, is like a bootcamp for one’s immune system.

    Even if there is a flu-like virus circulating – weaponized or not – the parasites know that the immune system of most people is resilient enough to take care of business.

    So they have initiated a macabre ritual of lockdown, enforced poverty, masks, physical and emotional separation from other humans…etc hoping people will die of poverty, immune-system wrecking depression, unability to make a living, suicides… etc.

    Notice how they keep pushing the lockdown farther, waiting for everybody to be broke materialistically and spiritually.

    Fear of death is for people who have no understanding of spiritual matters at all.

    Please read the articles linked in the comment section of the following video and realize the big scamdemic. The ruling so-called “elite” all of sudden want to save mankind, how touching :

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