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Eric Walberg on “Trump, Coronavirus, Neoliberalism”

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“In a way I’m not really sorry that I’m persona non grata (in the USA) due to the US security state that doesn’t seem to like me. It was already very hard for me to travel…” – Eric Walberg

Eric Walberg breaks the fast on the penultimate evening of Ramadan…and gives us the English version of his new Farsi interview “Trump, Coronavirus, Neoliberalism.”

Eric, a habitual conspiracy theory naysayer, casts a skeptical eye on my argument that COVID-19 looks like a bankster bioweapon to accelerate war on China and the rest of the non-bankster-owned world (including Main Street USA). He says China has been persecuting Muslims, not only Uyghurs but others as well; decries capitalism and the US military as the twin scourges of the planet; celebrates the current cessation of air travel; argues (over my objections) that World War II was in fact the anti-fascist “good war” as portrayed in the mainstream; says that if FDR and friends indulged in a “little conspiracy” to make Pearl Harbor happen “then that doesn’t bother me”; opines that automobiles as well as airplanes are noxious devices that should be scrapped in favor of bicycles and skateboards; envies his grandfather’s occupation, which was listed on the census as “gentleman farmer”; and endorses home-made fermented foods and other natural approaches to health and healing.

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