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One Thought to “The Debate: Zionist Annexation: Kevin Barrett vs. Richard Millet”

  1. Joe

    Israel is a corporation because it was set up by money from outside of Palestine, and to this date, it only exists because of support and money from outside of the “Occupied Palestine”.
    The truth is from the very beginning of time, going back to the eras of the dinosaurs to the time of Moses, Jesus or Prophet Mohammed, there was never a nation, country, a territory, or a geographical area anywhere on the planet earth called Israel. In fact, it was not until 1948 that the Rothschild bankers established their corporation in Palestine that people began hearing the word Israel. Lookup: “on November 2, 1917, British gifted someone else’s country that did not belong to them to their family friend money launderer, the Rothschilds .”
    — Israel is two words, Isra, which means the family of Yaqub/Jacob also known as the 12 Jewish tribes. Not a nation, country or a geographical area. The word, “el”, or “EeL” also spelled “iel” means tribe in Farsi, a language of 7,000 years old, or about 5,000 years older than Jesus.

    In fact, according to the best dictionaries of the time, the word “Israel” only referred to a particular man and an ancient tribe, which is consistent with the Bible text. See “Israel,” Webster’s New International Dictionary 2nd (1950) Edition.” Please look it up quickly before they remove it from the Internet and get it off the shelves so you can see it or find it anymore.

    In another example please see:
    LIYATS, or Eellants, nomadic tribes of Persia, Kkiva, and Turkistan. The name Iliyat is the plural of iel (eel), a tribe, equivalent to the Arabic kabilah.
    – The term ilkhan here means ” khan of the tribe, meaning the khan, or the amir, or the head of the Il, or the tribe. As it was used by the Mongolians arriving to Islamic lands. Changi khan (Genghis Khan, meaning the Khan (leader/master) of Jang (atrocities and wars):

    In another example case regarding the Shah-savan Eel. The Iranian government appoints an eel leader or “eelbeig” to head each eel in order to exercise discipline, collect tax and attend to tribal needs. Each tribe is managed by a beig or chief who is appointed by the eelbeig or grand tribal leader.

    – The Question is who changed your Bible? Was it the Church of Jim Jones, or the Church of Charles Manson, the Heaven’s Gate UFO Church?
    Who inserted the following in your Bible(s) after the 1967 Zionist war on the Muslims, the non-Zionist Christians, and even the Arab Jews? They inserted the following language in the James Bible: “on page 19: “(2) GOD MADE AN UNCONDITIONAL PROMISE OF BLESSINGS THROUGH ABRAM’S SEED (a) TO THE NATION OF ISRAEL TO INHERIT A SPECIFIC TERRITORY FOREVER”. This bequeath is joined to several other Oxford University Press Israel prophecies that never use to occurs in the Bible prior to 1967. God is now also referred to as God of Israel. So, now if one is born in Canada, Japan, U.S., or any other place on earth they have no God because God is now only in Israel. For the rest of the story see: “1908 Rothschild Scofield Zionist Bible Rense”

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