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Censored Presbyterian Minister and Radio Host John Shuck on Why He’s Leaving KBOO-Portland and His Church

John Shuck: When they won’t let you tell the truth, it’s time to leave

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Presbyterian minister John Shuck is leaving his KBOO-Portland radio show “Beloved Community” and his church position. Apparently neither the radio station nor the church can handle the truth about 9/11 and related topics. John recently wrote me:

Dear Dr. Barrett,

A number of changes have happened to me. I am no longer pastor at my church. I was judged too radical opposing wars and their lies and saying too many good things about Islam.  Now I am done with KBOO too. Here is my last show that includes audio from you.

I dedicated the show to you and to Dr. Griffin, two people who have for me modeled the spirit of sacrifice for truth that I saw in Jesus and Hussain. The audio I included of you was the speech you gave at the conference in Feb 2018 about the US and Saudi empires. I never broadcast it before.

Anyway in the middle of the broadcast this past Friday morning, while you were speaking, the station staff stopped it and played Christmas music! Naughty of me to play anything by the banned Kevin Barrett.  So after 20 months of the station’s inability to treat either of us like human beings, I decided it was a good time to go.

I want you to know how important you have been to me on a personal level. You model human decency in the time when the inhumane are in power.  Thank you.

All the Best,

John Shuck

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John Shuck’s church was vandalized with Antifa-style graffiti. Earlier, Portland Antifa had pressured KBOO radio to prevent John from interviewing me.

4 Thoughts to “Censored Presbyterian Minister and Radio Host John Shuck on Why He’s Leaving KBOO-Portland and His Church”

  1. Much admiration and gratitude to John Shuck and Kevin Barrett.

  2. Amin Abdullah

    Most people have a love affair with lies and espouse go-along-dont-rock-the-boat attitudes to death.

    Being ignorant of the Grandeur and Absolute Power of Allah, they think that their petty schemes, grotesque lies and abject submissiveness to tyrants will guarantee them an easy peaceful and secure life. Little do they know, they are only laboring against their chances to experience The Real Life.

    Fran Shure wonders “Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse​—about 9/11?”. Well – unless you relate to those kind of people in some kind of way – there is nothing to wonder : it is because they are not good in the first place.

    It is important to remember, that when some things occur and while we might at first perceive them as “bad”, they are in fact a blessing in disguise.

    “What is to give light must endure burning”.

    1. Amin Abdullah

      “Well they call him by ‘the Prince of Peace’
      And they call him by ‘the Savior’ And they pray to him upon the seas
      And in every bold endeavor
      And they fill his churches with their pride and gold
      As their faith in him increases
      But they’ve turned the nature that I worship in
      From a temple to a robber’s den
      In the words of the rebel Jesus

      Well we guard our world with locks and guns
      And we guard our fine possessions
      And once a year when Christmas comes
      We give to our relations
      And perhaps we give a little to the poor
      If the generosity should seize us But if any one of us should interfere In the business of why there are poor
      They get the same as the rebel Jesus” – Jackson Browne (‘The Rebel Jesus’)

      1. Amin Abdullah

        “No relationship that requires you to deny your truth is worth keeping.”

        Absolutely. Well said Mr John.

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