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Creg Nelson Discusses His Defamation Suit Against the SPLC

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Craig Nelson is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for defamation. As he wrote in his interview with Linh Dinh:

“…while white males are only 30 percent of the US population, we are, according to the Centers for Disease Control, a mind-blowing 70 percent of the nation’s suicides.

“It became obvious to me the country was experiencing a public health crisis, and it was getting virtually no attention. That led me to develop the Robinson Jeffers Boxing Club, a 13-week residency program combining healthy eating, exercise, and academic study including philosophy, literature, math, music, history, and, to help the men conceptualize a higher life, poetry. The core of the program was two hours of intensive boxing training every day but Sunday to help build self-respect, confidence, and brotherhood.

“While the program was to be open to men in distress of any race, its focus was on the particular challenges unique to white males in modern America. A friend in DC thought the program was worth a try and had an empty 8000 sq ft grocery store in Lexington, Missouri available that he was willing to provide. So, a like-minded friend and I headed to Lexington to give it a shot. Unfortunately, we were shot dead in the water when a vicious hit piece on our effort was published January 24, 2018, by, once again, the Southern Poverty Law Center. And, once again, I was linked to Nazi atrocities and readers were left with the false belief that I and my partner, who is black, were secretly opening a whites-only club.

“In November, 2018, I filed a defamation claim against the SPLC in the US District Court for the Western District of Missouri, Kansas City. I am a pro se plaintiff, meaning I am acting as my own attorney, which puts me at a huge disadvantage against all their money and the lawyers it can buy…”

One Thought to “Creg Nelson Discusses His Defamation Suit Against the SPLC”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    Playing the devil’s advocate for a second :

    Maybe the ratio of young “white” males commiting suicide in usa is mainly due to the fact that they grew up feeling entitled, just for being “white” . But now that societies are getting more mixed and heterogeneous, their “whiteness” doesn’t weight much in the grand skim of things. That, they can not accept/adapt to, hence suicide. That said, how many of those young “white” males who commited suicide, joined the military since 2001, went overseas to kill, destroy and terrorize for their masters, only to have their God-given conscious eat at them later, hence trying to escape through suicide ?.

    That above was just speculation and playing the devil’s advocate for a moment. Notice the ” “, because as far as I am concerned, one’s skin color does not mean anything.

    What the well-intentioned podcast guest is trying to put in place is very honorable but it is just a band-aid, destined to fall off sooner or later. The root of the problem, is not jobs competition, dwindling buying power, bad diet or anything of that sort.

    The root of the problem is spiritual – for we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience – but also the utterly corrupt AND corrupting system upon which most societies nowadays are erected. Unfortunately most people, being spiritually without solid foundations, are just pawns in the hands of Satan’s minions.

    This beautiful planet where we were born (Planet Earth), gives its bounties FOR FREE (Food, Water and Shelter), with only a minimum effort invested. But Satan’s minions make sure to stand in the way and manipulate people to slave for the crumbs that they throw on the ground.

    The change has to first occur in people’s mind and heart.

    The “hamster wheel” has to be destroyed once for all, instead of trying hard to get back on it whenever one falls from it (go to school, get a job, pay rent, pay insurance, pay tax, pay this, pay that, fill out this form, fill out that form…, stress, anxiety, junk food, beer, porn, fake friendships, fake smiles, fake hapiness, fake everything…etc).

    A Soul is a terrible thing to waste.

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