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Creg Nelson Discusses His Defamation Suit Against the SPLC

Listen HERE Craig Nelson is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for defamation. As he wrote in his interview with Linh Dinh: “…while white males are only 30 percent of the US population, we are, according to the Centers for Disease Control, a mind-blowing 70 percent of the nation’s suicides. “It became obvious to me the country was experiencing a public health crisis, and it was getting virtually no attention. That led me to develop the Robinson Jeffers Boxing Club, a 13-week residency program combining healthy eating, exercise, and academic study including philosophy, literature, math, music, history, and, to help…


Eric Walberg’s “Global Timeline 2010 – 2019”

Listen here Eric Walberg, Canadian Muslim geopolitical analyst and author of The Canada-Israel Nexus and other books, discusses his  new articles Timeline 2010-2019: United States&Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa&Asia and Timeline 2010-2019: Middle East. Beginning with the Middle East, Eric argues that the Palestinian people and Islamic Iran—and the Islamic faith in general—were the decade’s biggest winners, by virtue of surviving against tough odds despite the determination of the world’s most powerful forces to eliminate them: “I’m just puzzled at how people can fail to see how Iran is standing on the right side of all the major issues. And the other big winner is…


Zionists drown in their own hatred

“Who are the real haters: The Zionists, or the ‘hate groups’ they vilify?” Check out my new Press TV article: Zionists drown in their own hatred  Zionist settlers teach their kids to hate and kill their “racial inferiors” Israeli children signing hate messages on bombs that will blow Lebanese children to bits. Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian kids for sport, as described by Chris Hedges in “Gaza Diary.” This photo was taken and shared by a proud IDF soldier. One of over 1,000 victims of Operation Cast Lead – which virtually all Jewish Israelis supported Cause for celebration in Israel…