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Craig McKee Disputes “Big Plane DID Hit Pentagon” Revisionists

Craig McKee

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Craig McKee of Truth and Shadows discusses  the question of what really happened to the Pentagon on 9/11. All serious researchers agree that the official story—that hijacker-pilot Hani Hanjour, who couldn’t solo in a Cessna training aircraft, took over a 757 and performed an amazing stunt flight beyond the capabilities of professional pilots—is a load of rubbish. But did a big plane even impact the Pentagon? Last May’s Denver Conference featured revisionists who say “yes.” Craig McKee begs to disagree.

Craig supplies these links to articles relevant to the discussion:

One Thought to “Craig McKee Disputes “Big Plane DID Hit Pentagon” Revisionists”

  1. chico

    I love this….20 years later still arguing what happend. Do U C why ownership of the newz media is central to ZOG?

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