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Asking Good Questions About Totally Taboo Topics! David Duke & the Holocaust (with Martin Hill and Ian Greenhalgh)

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Are there names and topics that should never EVER be brought up, mentioned, or discussed? Let me know and we’ll air them here!

First 30 minutes: Martin Hill a.k.a. “Grandpa Groyper” discusses the recent wave of “groyper” sightings at astroturf pseudo-conservative events. Scroll down for Martin’s article; watch him question Matt Walsh about the neocon wars at 52:59 of this video., and watch Nick Fuentes discussing the incident at 1:18 and 1:27 here.  Martin apparently caused a minor scandal by merely mentioning the name of David Duke—saying something like “if Jewish libertarian Murray Rothbard could have a civil conversation with David Duke, why can’t people nowadays have civil conversations with people they disagree with?”

Final 30 minutes: Amateur historian and Veterans Today writer Ian Greenhalgh offers a series of “Holocaust maps” designed to spark curiosity about what he says really happened during World War II. During the conversation we refer to Laurent Guyenot’s new article “A Holocaust of Biblical Proportions“, the Holocaust Handbook series, and Ron Unz’s “Holocaust Denial.”  Scroll down to see the maps and read Ian’s commentary.

“Groypers” Are Asking Good Questions

by Martin Hill

Martin Hill ready to ask Matt Walsh the hard questions

FYI I questioned Matt Walsh yesterday in L.A., I asked him about the neocon wars at minute 59:25 here. Nick Fuentes discussed my question & its’ implications at1:18 to 1:27 here.

I first heard about Nick Fuentes from my friend John Friend,  ( @realistreport ) he said Nick did a lot of good work. I wasnt particularly  interested  in what some 20- year-old  YouTubers are doing, so I paid little attention to it. (By the way,  for the record,  I’m Gen-X, not a baby boomer.???? What got me interested in this particular ‘groyper’ thing was when I came across the gentleman , rosary in hand , who asked Charlie Kirk about the USS Liberty. That was very impressive . And then, the two guys that followed, asking about the Dancing Israelis in front of Donald Trump Jr. – brilliant! And then the guy who asked the  black homosexual “how does anal sex preserve  our culture.”Brilliant and very impressive  activism the likes of which I’d never seen. Particularly because it came from a Roman Catholic perspective,  which is the most important thing to me.

So I saw some of these subsequent clips- valid criticism of the alleged conservatism coming from real traditional conservatives. It was long overdue,  & reminded me in many ways of how the paleocons (Ron Paul supporters, 9/11 truthers, etc) had opposed all the crimes of the Bush Jr. administration in the early 2000’s.

To try to convey to the public & Republicans  in general  that the establishment GOP  is not actually conservative, faced quite a bit of resistance,  mostly because of the brainwashing. For example at that time the repubs didn’t  seem to question or oppose all these needless undeclared wars based on lies, torture, spying on Americans, evisceration of the 4th Amendment, the encroaching police state, etc. All of this was clearly satanic,  so it led me to do much more research into the problems which faced society , particularly in the political sphere.

I wasn’t  really familiar with Matt Walsh , but when I saw he was coming to L.A. I thought I’d go & ask him a question about the broader issue here- which boils down to the two diametrically opposing sides which I mentioned: fanatically pro-Israel Zionists, vs.  non-interventionist  (paleocons.)

I admit I don’t have too much time or even the interest to listen to all this groyper content, but I want to say that I really appreciate  if young Catholic men are promoting a good  Catholic society & proper moral order. It’s our job during this  very brief life  to do the work of Christ on earth.

The first part of  ny question  was to spell out the 2 sides & ask Walsh  which side he was on.

Fr. Coughlin is a hero of mine & I hadn’t heard any ‘groypers’ mention him at these events , so I wanted to throw that in. Ron Paul gave a very principled voice to non-interventionism & the ‘just-war doctrine’ of Christianity , so it was important to mention my support of him, since even most younger folks know what a ‘Ron Paul Republican’ is . (Recall Paul’s classic speech, ‘we’ve been neoconned.’)

Note that Walsh goes on to tell me that he doesn’t think it’s a ‘so-called Zionist’ problem & that he doesn’t think that politicians have fealty to Israel- an absurd claim on his part.

Murray Rothbard endorsing David Duke & Pat Buchanan is the question that made some people freak out.

That question actually was an afterthought,    #1 because I’ve never heard any groypers mention “atheist jews”, which I thought was important to throw in.

In retrospect however, I understand that bringing the purportedly  “toxic” Dr. Duke into the convo was akin to ‘poisoning the well,’ and was probably not the best idea, since it would give Walsh ammo to try to smear groypers.

On the other hand, I think it’s the result of Jewish media brainwashing that makes everyone afraid to dare mention Duke- whereas if they listened to what he has to say, he’s a very educated & articulate spokesman against ‘Jewish supremacy’ & the ZOG problem.  Like most people,  I had actually  never even heard Dr. Duke speak until he debated Alex Jones in 2015. This was referred to as the ‘Jonestown massacre’ & Jones quickly pulled the video down, but it had been re-posted. I want to make clear that I don’t agree with Duke on everything, but I don’t think we should be petrified  to mention his name, either.   Dr. E. Michael Jones,  whose work I support 100%, actually has a book on how he spent a week with Duke in Mexico while they were speakers at a conference,  & Jones tried  (unsuccessfully) to convert Duke to Catholicism.

Someone on Twitter understood my question well & cogently explained “The point it seemed like he was trying to make was “if this Jew can be civil with David Duke can’t you be civil with the groypers.”

As far as these absurd claims by some that I’m a “fed…”If these so-called ‘groypers’ who are making these absurd accusations  are actually Catholic, they are definitely not well catechised. The mortal sins of  Detraction, calumny, (the making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation; slander) backbiting, gossip, and  rash judgment are very grave mortal sins which will send one to hell if not repented.  Here’s a great homily on it by a Latin Mass priest i know.

By the way, his archives are at – a must hear.

I realize it’s just the internet & people might not give a lot of thought to what they’re posting  , but we should not jump to wild false conclusions that have no basis in fact.  If someone doesn’t like the way I asked my question they can feel free to go to the trouble to do activism  themselves.

Although like I said , I heard the criticism of my invoking  Duke & I acknowledge  it.

For what it’s worth, @JasonWilliamsI8
Who asked Walsh about being proud of our European heritage,  & also
, good young Catholics who I met at Latin Mass last summer,  can all vouch for my character.

I appreciated Nick Fuentes characterization of me & my question at 1:18 to 1:27 here:

I’ve  been a Catholic  activist  for many years. I was once featured in israel’s oldest newspaper Haaretz after writing a single article  about the ‘holohoax.’ I’ve been doing this a long time.

So, 20-something  year old ‘critics’  with no wife or family & little real world experiehce  can live 20+ more years watching this ZOG destroy our country & then get back to me. ????

One note about Alex Jones. Alex & Paul Watson posted my material  (articles, videos)  on Infowars & prisonplanet for years , but when Alex went on with Trump & referred to them as  dancing Muslims, that was too much. Alex knows they were Israeli Jews, & still has my article on it here

The truth matters,  & that’s why I told Trump in 2015 that there were 5 JEWS arrested in New Jersey on 9/11, not Muslims . Here is Trumps TV response & link to the original vid

To answer your Q about   ‘Christian zionism’, I think it’s looney & should be strongly opposed.

In closing I suggest everyone spend an hour in daily Eucharistic Adoration,  Mass & rosary.  It’s not always easy to make the time but is well worth it. This is a spiritual battle,  God vs. satan and we must remain in the state of grace. The political stuff is important because as Venerable Bishop Sheen said, as men we are of the earth and inherently have an interest in things of the earth-  politics, business, etc. But our main primary  focus should be on getting to heaven & becoming saints.

Holocaust Maps: An Introduction to Real World War II History

By Ian Greenhalgh

Please look at the map above, which I drew myself. It shows the situation at the end of the war in Europe.

19 German concentration camps, of which 5 were alleged death camps. 1 very definite death camp at Jasenovac where Serbs and Jews were slaughtered.

Note that the alleged death camps were in the region liberated in the summer of 1944 by The Red Army and were never seen by any Western Allied eyes until well after the end of the war over a year later.

I’m going through the available facts on the 5 death camps, starting with Sobibor. (Read the Holocaust Handbook Sobibor: Holocaust Propaganda and Reality.) The official claims have been as high as a million deaths here, but have now been reduced to 170,000. This figure is likely accurate for the number of persons (mostly Jews) who were passed through this camp, but the number who died here is likely to be only about 10,000, with two thirds being those who died of illness and disease; the rest were euthanised by shooting.

If we apply this same ratio of actual vs claimed deaths to the Holocaust as a whole (6,000,000/17) we get the figure of 352,941 which sounds very reasonable to me. The Red Cross in three hugely voluminous postwar reports gave the figure of just over 270,000 deaths for all German camps, of which between 170,000 and 180,000 were Jews. This doesn’t include the Operation Reinhard camps – Belzec, Treblinka, Majdanek, and Sobibor, nor does it include those shot and thrown into pits by the Einsatzgruppen and SS Police.

Therefore, I think we can reasonably assume that total Jewish deaths in the ‘Holocaust’ were around 350,000. Add to that however many Jews died due to Allied bombing and the mass deportations by Stalin and I doubt you will get the figure to be much above 500,000 in total.

500,000 is not many compared to the total European deaths due to WW2.

I drew the above maps showing the 5 German death camps and the railway network of 1942. The precious little documentary evidence states the Aktion Reinhard camps – Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and Majdanek were transit camps for Jews being transported to the east, deported from the Reich.

The camps are placed next to major rail lines leading East, in exactly the sort of location you would choose if you were transporting the Jews of Western and Central Europe to the newly conquered Eastern lands – roughly halfway from the Reich to the destination. Chelmno and Treblinka are placed at major railway intersections.

Auschwitz is surrounded by railway lines, there is nowhere else in Eastern Europe with such a high concentration of rail routes. This, of course, is one of the main industrial regions of Europe – Silesia, with deposits of iron ore and coal, therefore Auschwitz is exactly where you would place a major centre for slave labour – in the middle of an industrial region.



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