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Cynthia McKinney on Zionist Power—and the “Jewish Question”

Is this the wrong flag for a new congressperson to represent? Cynthia McKinney didn’t think so!

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Dr. Cynthia McKinney got elected to Congress six times—and  soon found herself under attack by the Israel lobby when she refused to sign the “pledge of allegiance to Israel” demanded of all representatives! The Lobby was able to eject Rep. McKinney from Congress twice, once in 2002 and again in 2006, by fabricating a primary opponent backed by the vast fortunes of the Zionist oligarchs and the tireless energy of the 500,000-footsoldier “Zionist Power Configuration”  or ZPC. (For information about the ZPC, read Dr. James Petras’s The Power of Israel in the United States alongside Walt and Mearsheimer, and then check out the documentary film The Lobby.)

Israel, with its immense power in the USA, defines itself as a “Jewish state”—a state of by and for all of the world’s (racially-defined) Jewish people, but NOT a state for any of the 20% of its residents who aren’t Jewish.  It is the world’s only remaining officially racist, apartheid nation.

So are we allowed to discuss what “Jewish state” means? Can we explore the historical, psychological, and cultural factors that led to the Zionist colonization of Palestine? The Zionist Power Configuration says “no way!” According to the ZPC and its attack-dog ADL, anyone who talks about such things is an “anti-Semite” and should muzzled, deplatformed, and persecuted.

In this interview Dr. McKinney bravely goes where few if any former Congressional representatives have gone before, speaking frankly about Israel’s control of the US Congress and other centers of power, and raising the taboo issue of the so-called “Jewish question.”

Laurent Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion may be the best book yet written on the “Jewish question.”

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  1. Cat McGuire

    Slam dunk interview! Cynthia McKinney rock!! Can’t wait for her to get back to the US. Cynthia’s “power circles” are sorely needed in our country. Bangladesh’s loss will be our clear gain.

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