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Cynthia McKinney on Zionist Power—and the “Jewish Question”

Listen HERE Dr. Cynthia McKinney got elected to Congress six times—and  soon found herself under attack by the Israel lobby when she refused to sign the “pledge of allegiance to Israel” demanded of all representatives! The Lobby was able to eject Rep. McKinney from Congress twice, once in 2002 and again in 2006, by fabricating a primary opponent backed by the vast fortunes of the Zionist oligarchs and the tireless energy of the 500,000-footsoldier “Zionist Power Configuration”  or ZPC. (For information about the ZPC, read Dr. James Petras’s The Power of Israel in the United States alongside Walt and Mearsheimer,…


Linh Dinh: Ordinary folks everywhere just want to have lunch!

Listen HERE Linh Dinh, America’s greatest gonzo-journalist-in-exile, argues that “people just want to be left alone, so they can just eat simple food, drink cheap beer, and have conversations. But unfortunately life isn’t that unmolested. That’s been a constant theme in my writing and in my thinking.” I’m not so sure about the cheap beer—my life and conversations have been much better since I gave that stuff up—but other than that, Linh may be on to something. Linh says “I’ve always advocated boycotting the American elections. Americans need to make a stand, they have to declare to history that they’re…