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Ph.D. Structural Engineer Ibrahim Soudy: “$10,000 to Anyone Who Can Refute New U. of Alaska WTC-7 Study”

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Structural engineer Dr. Ibrahim Soudy says the new University of Alaska study of the 9/11 “collapse” of WTC-7 proves beyond any doubt that the official story is a pack of lies, and that Building 7 was destroyed  by controlled demolition.  (Americans who watch WTC-7’s “collapse” agree.)

During this interview Dr. Soudy announces a $10,000 reward for any qualified professional (structural engineer, physicist, physical science engineer) who’s willing to put his or her reputation on the line to rebut the U. of Alaska study. He also announces a $25,000 reward for anyone who writes a technical paper rebutting the study, provides it to an engineering journal, and has it accepted and published.

The question of whether the reward seeker has successfully rebutted the U. of Alaska study will be decided by a panel of qualified judges.

Will anyone accept Dr. Soudy’s challenge? I wonder. For the past eight years I have been offering $2000 to any University of Wisconsin teacher (professor, lecturer, or TA) “willing to defending the 9/11 Commission Report in a ninety-minute debate with a former UW teacher who has been blacklisted from teaching in the UW system due to his 9/11-related research, publication and activism.” There have been no takers; apparently the entire University of Wisconsin realizes that the 9/11 Commission Report is indefensible.

During the interview Dr. Soudy also mentions the New York Fire Commissioners and first responders rising up against the 9/11 conspirators who murdered hundreds of their comrades.

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