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Prof. William Willers on 9/11 and the Controlled Demolition of Freedom

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During this run-up to the sacred anniversary of the neocon-orchestrated human sacrifice event, let’s talk about what 9/11 did to freedom—academic and otherwise—with science professor William Willers…then (in the second hour of this live show recorded August 30) discuss the 9/11 wars with two guys tasked to fight them: Gen. Dana Pittard and Sgt. Wes Bryant.  (Note: The interview with Pittard and Bryant will be archived here soon.)

First hour: Professor Emeritus Bill Willers of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh was one of my few U.W. academic colleagues who stepped forward to join me in 9/11 skepticism when I was being witch hunted by the minions of Lynne Cheney and Karl Rove in 2006. As he put it: “Go to (really, go to it)  and find an astonishing list of figures who flatly reject the official version of the 9/11 Commission.” Bill now contributes articles to Veterans Today, where I am an editor. His most recent piece “Guns and Chips and Irony” addresses the 9/11-launched War on Freedom. Prof. Willers asks whether ongoing mass shootings might represent a continuation of Operation Gladio: “Might devious elements within a government, intent on disarming its populace, resort to the creation of false-flag scenarios designed to frighten and to produce justification for ever-tightening control?” He goes on to suggest that MK Ultra, like Gladio, may never have ended, and that the 9/11 perps’ efforts to completely annihilate freedom may be heading toward the cashless society and mass microchipping.

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