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FFWN: How Did Jet Fuel Melt Steel Beams?

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1) FFWN Needs Your Help (last two weeks have been slightly short of our goal—let’s turn that around!)

2) NBC Poll: 70% of Americans Angry at Establishment—The Other 30% Need to Watch False Flag Weekly News!

9/11 Anniversary

3) Nuclear 9/11? The Pommer Report

4) War criminal & genocide propagandist Mark Boal to produce ABC 9/11 series

5) Fliers accusing Jews of being behind 9/11 attacks appear in San Francisco area

War Crimes of Zion

6) Iraqi Parliament Group Calls Alleged Israeli Strikes ‘Declaration of War’, Demands US Troops Exit

7) Press TV Debate” Israel Attacks 3 Countries in 24 Hours

8) Israeli Soldiers Shoot 122 Unarmed Protestors: Another Friday in Gaza

Sleepwalking Christian Zionists Zombies Awake!  

9) Anti-Semitic Beliefs Grow Among Evangelicals

10) Evangelicals are finally waking up to the Zionist deception

Savage Censorship

11) The people policing the internet’s most horrific content ” ranging from suicide and murder videos to conspiracy theories and hate speech”

12) Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Responds to Daily Beast’s Character Assassination

13) Savage Sentence Handed Out to Dr. James Sears for Satire against jews & women

Savage Inequality

14) G7 Fueling Inequality at Home and Around the World

15) Democrats’ Emerging Tax Idea: Look Beyond Income, Target Wealth

Epstein Lives!

16) Footage From Camera Outside Epstein’s Cell Filmed Ahead of His Death is ‘Unusable’ – Report

17) Epstein Child Trafficking on Trump’s Plane?

18) Dershowitz: “I Am the Victim”—of Trafficked Teens

19) From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship

War on China

20) Hong Kong protesters form 28-mile human chain demanding democracy

21) Chinese Military Vows ‘New’ Contributions to Stability in Hong Kong – Report—report/s

22) China deploys fresh troops to Hong Kong

23) ‘Who is our bigger enemy?’: Trump lashes out, compares Fed chairman Powell to Chinese President Xi

24) US Decoupling from China in Preparation for WWIII – MoonOfAlabama

25) China’s oil imports from Iran rise despite US threats

Trump’s “3D Chess”

26) Trump suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting U.S. – Then Tweets 3 Denials

27) Twitter Users Rip ‘Complete Crackpot’ Trump For Tantrum Over Greenland Failure


28) First Crime in Space: One Minor Infraction for a Woman, One Massive Felony Count Against Humankind

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