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Tom Mysiewicz on “The Hidden Side of the Mueller Report”

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Red-pilled former MSM journalist Tom Mysiewicz argues in “The Hidden Side of the Mueller Report” that Mueller was barking up the wrong tree: “There is, I believe, considerable evidence that non-governmental forces acting on behalf of Israel succeeded in placing an individual in charge of the U.S. who is currently redirecting the power and financial resources of the nation to almost entirely serve the interests of a foreign power. (And that entity is not Russia!)”

Did JINSA, AIPAC and the Chabad Lubbivitcher sect of fanatical messianic millenarian Zionists—perhaps in conjunction with the Russian-Israeli mafia—insert Trump into the Oval Office? That was the hypothesis developed at Veterans Today as early as 2016. Today, more and more former Trump supporters like Tom Mysiewicz are admitting that VT was right all along.

Tom also argues that the data favors a major economic downturn in our near future, and brings up Charles Hudson’s hypothesis that Jared Kusher is the Antichrist.

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