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FFWN: Risible Anti-Iran False Flags: Does Anybody Actually BELIEVE Pompeo?

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1) Help FFWN beat the internet censors—and keep Kevin out of the T-shirt business!

“Persian Gulf of Tonkin Incidents” 

2) US Spy Drone Downed by Iran’s Home-Made Short-Range Missile Defense System

2.5) “Global Hawks can hold SEVEN (7) shipping containers of cocaine!” -WIRED

3) Trump Almost Started a War With Iran on Thursday Night

4) Iran rejects Reuters report on receiving Trump’s message via Oman

5) Trump’s Iran tweet could have caused a deadly miscalculation:
Trump’s “mistake” comment wasn’t what you thought it meant.

6) Iranian UN envoy condemns ‘unlawful destabilizing measures’ by US

7) Iran says has ‘indisputable’ evidence US drone violated airspace

War on Iran

8) “The Countdown Has Begun:” Iran Warns It Will Breach Uranium Stockpile Limits In 10 Days

9) US planning ‘tactical assault’ on Iran in response to ‘tanker attack’ — report

10) Report: US Planning “Massive” Airstrike On An Iranian Facility

11) Iran rolls up CIA spy network

12) Mashed Potato and Another War for Israel

Morsi Martyred

13) Mohamed Morsi, ousted Egyptian president, dies in court

14) 9/11 Truth Teller Mohamed Morsi Martyred by Crypto-Jew al-Sisi

15) Turkey’s Erdogan says former Egyptian president Morsi was ‘killed’

16) Mohamed Morsi: An Egyptian tragedy

Hong Kong Protests

17) Hong Kong leader apologizes to nation as massive protests over extradition bill grip city

18) Hong Kong protest sees hundreds of thousands call for city’s leader to step down

19) China is creating an alternate reality about the Hong Kong protests, in real time


20) Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army

21) UK ‘rights advocate’ co-owns Israeli firm whose spyware is ‘used to target dissidents’



23) Facebook Suspends Me, Calling Criticism of Israeli Settler “Hate Speech”

24) DOE Investigating Anti-Israel Events at UNC, Duke

War on Russia

25) Hack away! NYT says US planted CYBER KILL SWITCH in Russian power grid… media shrugs

26) US-backed Venezuela opposition caught embezzling ‘humanitarian aid’ cash

Trumpy America: Israeli Occupied Territory?

27) Trump ‘thinks he knows’ who was behind 9/11

28) Benjamin Netanyahu just unveiled Israel’s newest town: “Trump Heights”

29) Trump says supporters could ‘demand’ he not leave office after two terms

30) ‘Deaths of despair’ soaring among Gen Z & millennials: ‘It’s the economy, stupid’

31) Half Of Americans Are Effectively Poor Now. What The

Odds & Ends

32) Airbus attempts to sell the world on pilotless planes – or would you rather fly Boeing?

33) Judge Rules Against Jim Fetzer on Sandy Hook Libel Lawsuit

33) Threatened by YouTube Censorship, I Go Into the T-Shirt Business

7 Thoughts to “FFWN: Risible Anti-Iran False Flags: Does Anybody Actually BELIEVE Pompeo?”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    ‘”It’s the economy, stupid”

    When you think about it, this beautiful planet where we were born (Planet Earth), gives its bounties FOR FREE (Food, Water and Shelter), with only a minimum effort invested.

    Unfortunately, most people have become convinced by the ruling class – ie : a bunch of parasites commited to their narcissism- that a life of servitude, stress and submissiveness, is just the normal course of things.

    Most people are so well indoctrinated and trained, that instead of growing a backbone, their only reaction is to use junk-food, junk-tv, porn and hatred between one another as an outlet for the stress that is by design being dumped daily on them. It is as if people feel lost and confused without a bully pressing his boots against their neck, and their only goal in life is to fit in and obey. People see their vicious abusers as father-figures, such is the sorry state of humanity nowadays.

    Part of people’s indoctrination by their abusers, is to regard ‘death’ as the ultimate bad thing. As a result, people would rather spend a lifetime groveling on their hands and knees – slowly being destroyed by chronic stress – than grow a backbone and get rid of their vicious enslavers. In fact, ‘death’ is just as natural as the alternation of day and night, and we start to die from the moment we are conceived, so why regard ‘death’ as the ultimate bad thing ?. The ultimate bad thing is to waste one’s earthly life in servitude and stress while being completely disconnected from The Creator.

    The ruling class’ biggest achievement is to have made humans, less humans : completely disconnected from their Maker (God), disconnected from their own selves, disconnected from nature, and only reacting to the various inputs being manufactured and forced on them daily by their enslavers.

    1. Amin Abdullah

      Allah created us primarily to worship Him and He put us on this earth to manage it. The ruling class and their armies of narcissistic bureaucrats – ie : Satan’s minions – hate Allah and His Creation, so they do everything they can to distract us from our primarily mission while spreading fear, pain and destruction all over the planet. Unfortunately, most people are consenting by doing their very best to look the other way (“he who remains silent is understood to consent”). We definitely weren’t created to chase careers, the latest iphones, Nike shoes, paying mortgages, paying taxes, sitting in front of TV 6 hrs per day, laughing on command, crying on command,…etc. How can we worship Allah – as we ought to – when we are drowning in BS concerns, stress, anxiety, BS distractions, mind games to feed the ego…etc ?. It is simply impossible. Forgive me if I sound like I am pontificating and/or judgemental.

  2. Amin Abdullah

    The story of your Enslavement :

    1. I will add this to the lineup.

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