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FFWN: Vinnie Eastwood reports on the growing global gulag—and evidence the Christchurch attack was state-sponsored

Broadcast live at the exceptional time of Thursday May 9th, 7 – 8 pm Eastern — watch it live HERE


1) Resist the police state, support FFWN!

War on Conspiracy Theories

2) Conspiracy theorist claims police have visited him five times after Christchurch terror attack

3) Now it can be told! “NZ conspiracy theorist who must not be named is…Vinnie Eastwood!”

4) Vinnie Isn’t the Only NZ Dissident Getting Police Visits

5) Guardian on “Why we are addicted to conspiracy theories”

War on Freedom

6) We have FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America! Trump reacts to Facebook ban

7) Facebook to suppress all websites that aren’t officially recognized by the corrupt, dishonest Wikipedia website

8) It’s Time to Break Up Facebook

9) Mark Glenn’s Ugly Truth blog scrubbed by WordPress—for agreeing with Laurent Guyénot!

10) Holocaust freethinker prof persecuted for joking about lesbians and quiche

War on Gaza

11) Netanyahu orders ‘massive strikes’ against militants in Gaza

12) Palestinians in Gaza Bury Their Dead While Israelis Prepare for Eurovision Song and Dance

13) Bigger Palestinian rockets: Retaliation for weekend Gaza massacre

14) ‘Watch my proficiency in toppling your 7-story building’ — Israeli taunts Gaza landlord

15) Ilhan Omar’s tweet on Israel-Gaza violence sparks condemnation from Republicans

16) 1000 Israeli Soldiers To Arrive in Honduras to Train Troops Police on Border Protection

War on Iran

17) US deploying carrier and bomber task force in response to ‘troubling’ Iran actions

18) US acted on vague Mossad tip-off when it sent strike group to Middle East – report

19) Zarif warns “Team B” planning anti-Iran false flag

History of Team B:

20) Iran War – Public Apathy Could Prove Fatal

Venezuela: Fake News & False Flags

21) Fake news alert: CNN says Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido ‘won election in January’

22) Rachel Maddow Sides with Bolton on Venezuela and Russia


Odds and Ends

24) Joe Biden: The next Hillary Clinton

25) Gilad Atzmon: Why not make Parliament into a Holocaust Memorial?

26) Denver votes to decriminalize magic mushrooms, in unofficial results

27) ‘Deep fake’ videos that can make anyone say anything worry U.S. intelligence agencies

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