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FFWN: America’s highest-ranking military officer wary of anti-Iran false flag—and likes Alan Sabrosky

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1) Help FFWN expose hidden history!

2) THE LOBBY live streamed Sunday June 2nd

War on Palestine

3) It’s Quds Day—Worldwide Rallies for Palestinian Resistance

4) Quds Day 2019: resistance will triumph

5) Canadian doctor: Israeli soldiers shot me in both legs as I was treating injured protesters in Gaza

6) Jordan’s King tells Kushner Palestinians must have a state

7) Debating “Deal of the Century”: Kevin Barrett vs. Geoffrey Alderman

8) “False Flag of the Century”: Ex-CIA Philip Giraldi on “Israel’s Role in 9/11”

War on Iran

9) Bolton Alleges Iran Maritime Sabotage But Evidence Points Elsewhere

10) America’s highest-ranking military officer wary of anti-Iran false flag—and likes Alan Sabrosky

11) Over 70 retired military leaders sign letter urging Trump against war with Iran

12) Iran proposes ‘non-aggression pact’ to Gulf neighbors as regional tensions soar

13) Iraq vows to stand with Iran amid US-Iran tension

War on Russia

14) Defense Intelligence Agency chief says Russians may be conducting banned low-yield nuclear tests

War on Afghanistan

15) Taliban ‘expects US to announce’ date of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan at next round of talks

War on China

16) China ‘seriously considering’ restricting rare earth exports to US – Global Times chief

17) Chinese Video Urges War With U.S.

War on  Korea

18) World War 3: ‘Breakthrough’ US missile capable of ‘wiping out’ North Korea WITHOUT killing

War on the Whole World

19) Mike Pence declares war on the world at West Point

Media Wars

20) Assange Is Reportedly Gravely Ill, And Hardly Anyone’s Talking About It

21) ‘Huge threat to First Amendment’: US seeks to intimidate reporters by indicting Assange – journalist

22) Robert Fisk: OPCW caught lying about Douma false flag

23) “We’re Being Played”: Tucker Carlson Features Leaked Syria Chemical Attack Memo

24) As CNN Sinks, Tucker Carlson Draws Three Times As Many Viewers During Prime Time


25) European Elections: Farage’s “Brexit Bombshell”

26) Australian Elections: “Deplorables Reject Labor’s Culture War” or “Climate Criminal Trumpists Win Thanks to Rupert Murdoch” ?  All-Aussie Debate: Peter Myers vs. Gideon Polya on Kevin’s live show tonight, 8 to 10 pm Eastern https://Revolution.Radio

War on “Antisemitism”

27) Lawyer Sylvia Stolz imprisoned again for representing “holocaust deniers”

28) Germany’s Antisemitism Czar Wants Every German to Wear Yarmulkes to Make Jews Feel Safer

NWO Empire of Usury

29) Bilderbergers in Switzerland

30) Malaysia Proposes Common Asian Gold-Backed Currency

Odds & ends

31) US Navy wants 350 billion social media posts

32) Navy Pilots Were Seeing UFOs on an Almost Daily Basis in 2014 and 2015: Report

33) NYT continues apparent move towards limited UFO disclosure

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