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Opposing views on “right-wing populist surge in Australian & European elections”

Dr. Gideon Polya, an Australian scientist best known for his work on avoidable mortality (27 million Muslims murdered in the 9/11 wars, etc.) is not happy about the outcome of the recent Australian elections:

“The right-wing, Trumpist  and climate criminal Liberal Party-National Party Coalition has just won the 2019 Australian Federal election, defeating an earnest and altruistic  Labor Party Opposition and gaining a bare majority in Parliament. The surprise defeat of the Labor Party came about because of neoliberal greed, support for the climate criminal Coalition from the racist One Nation Party, the Sinophobic and Trumpist United Australia Party of billionaire Clive Palmer, and the effective climate change denialist and monopolistic US Murdoch media empire, and because of extraordinary Mainstream media lying by omission about 15 Elephant in the Room matters, notably by the ABC, Australia’s taxpayer-funded equivalent of the mendacious UK BBC.”

Australian NWO researcher Peter Myers is not so unhappy about right-wing populist gains in Australia and the recent European elections. He writes:

Australian election: Deplorables reject Labor’s Culture War (Gender, Trans, Hate laws)
– by Peter Myers, May 25, 2019

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) once was a great party which represented working Australians, but in recent years it has been captured by Globalists (economic policy) and Trotskyists (social policy).

The Working Class have seen through those who purport to lead it, a privileged elite pandering to Yuppies and Greens in the inner cities. The sacking of Israel Folau (the rugby star fired for tweeting against homosexuality  -KB) brought the issues home clearly.

To best understand this election, consult the map below, which shows that the ALP has been decimated in rural Australia.

In the past, about half the country might have shown up as ‘red’; now, the ALP has lost nearly all rural areas, and is reduced to inner-city seats in the wealthier parts of the capital cities.

ALP decimated in rural Australia:

Blue = Conservative (Liberal & National Coalition)
Green = Conservative (National Party)
Red = Labor

It’s not just rural voters who rejected Labor; so did the Working Class in the cities (or rather, the fringes of the cities; they cannot afford to live in the privileged areas).

3 Thoughts to “Opposing views on “right-wing populist surge in Australian & European elections””

  1. turtle

    Honestly though, this is like an American patriot being upset because Hilary lost in 2016… Right. It’s complicated! … No. The real problem is that in the Liberal party, Australia now has a pro-zionist jewish Treasurer in Joshua Frydenberg. And this role traditionally leads on to leader of the party and potentially prime minister.Here is his first question from opposition to parliament back in 2010. It was regarding 9/11 conspiracy theories. It resulted in the labor minister at the time losing their job.

  2. turtle

    Correction (can’t edit that last statement from the previous comment).: Kevin Bracken was a trade union leader (not a labor minister) and he did not lose his job.

  3. turtle

    Correction (I can’t edit that last statement from the previous comment): Kevin Bracken was a trade union leader (not a labor minister) and he did not lose his job.

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