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Peter Myers on “possible false flag” Notre Dame fire; Greg McCarron on Mueller report and Russia-gate vs. Israel-gate

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First hour: Australian NWO researcher Peter Myers writes of the tragic Notre Dame fire (and the simultaneous al-Aqsa fire, along with the earlier St. Sulpice fire and wave of attacks on French churches):

“Consider the possibility that some of these are False Flag attacks like 911. Certain interests want Christians & Moslems to fight each other. The most important real estate in the world is the Dome of the Rock & Al Aqsa Mosque; some fanatics want to replace them with the 3rd Temple – from where, they believe, the Messiah will rule the world. Trump has already signed up to the Noahide Laws. But pulling it down means war with Islam. Maybe they want to stir up the Clash of Civilizations so that ‘Christians’ do the dirty work, pulling those buildings down for them; or that Christians side with Jews who pull them down. At least some of ISIS were Mossad agents. You may condemn me for this post; but better wake up before it’s too late.”

We will also update Peter Myers solves the Malaysian Airlines MH370 Mystery.  Peter writes:

MH370: Acoustic Data cf Maldives sightings & Field McConnell’s claim

-by Peter Myers, April 19, 2019

Consult the acoustic map at

The acoustic data detected at station HA08 on Diego Garcia are in two sets:
one at 247º (bearing from Diego Garcia) at 23.57, i.e. 11.57pm UTC (5.57am DG time)
another at 241º at 1.58am UTC (7.58am DG time).

Diego Garcia is about the same longitude as Male and Kudahuvadhoo; but whereas the Maldives is UTC+5, Diego Garcia is UTC+6.

Is the acoustic data compatible with the Kudahuvadhoo sightings at 6.15am Maldives time?

The site gives the flight time from Kudahuvadhoo to Diego Garcia as 1h 52 m., including 30m for takeoff & landing. If MH370 did not land at DG, but merely flew over, it would have arrived at 7.37am Maldives time, 8.37 DG time, 2.37am UTC. This is too late to match either acoustic signal.

Field McConnell, a former US airforce pilot (F4 & F16) and airline captain (747-400), flew for 31 years, but resigned in protest over – he says – government hijackings of planes.

He says that during 9/11 the planes were remotely hijacked by intelligence agencies, using  Uninterruptible AutoPilot. There’s a Boeing brand, and a Thales one. The pilot of American 77, which supposedly hit the Pentagon, was a friend of his.

On Feb 10, 2017, I did a Skype video call with him. He told me that MH370 was hijacked by the CIA and
flown to Diego Garcia; and that someone in Australia, connected to Boeing, rang him and told him that MH370 landed in Diego Garcia and that the engines were turned off at 6.51am Malaysia time. This is 3.51am Maldives time, 4.51am DG time, 10.51pm UTC.

Since there is no hangar on Diego Garcia big enough for a Boeing 777, because the tail is too high, MH370 would have taken off again before daylight, after passengers & cargo were offloaded. I believe it would then have been remotely flown towards Mauritius/Reunion and dumped.

On March 8, 2014, Sunrise was 6.14am at Male, and 7.15am at Diego Garcia.

Let’s see if McConnell’s claim fits with the acoustic data.

Flight time from DG to Mauritius is 3h 10m, incl 30 min for takeoff & landing. Obviously MH370 did not land, so this is reduced to 2h 55m. Northern parts of Madagascar are about the same distance as Mauritius.

The 247º path acoustic zone stretches from about 20m flying time from DG, to 1h. from DG, the centre being 40m  (plus 15m for takeoff). The acoustic time, 11.57pm UTC (5.57 DG time) is feasible but tight. Taking the centre as our mark, MH370 would have had to leave about 5.17am DG time (11.17 UTC), allowing 11 minutes to offload cargo & passengers. Unlikely, but cannot be ruled out.

The 241º path heads towards the middle of Madagascar. The acoustic zone stretches from about 1h 40m flying time from DG, to 2h 40m from DG, the centre being 2h 10m  (plus 15m for takeoff). Taking the centre as our mark, the acoustic time, 1.58am UTC (7.58 DG time) is compatible with McConnell’s claim, if MH370 left about 5.33am DG time. This would have allowed 42 minutes to offload cargo & passengers.

I’m not suggesting that we should dump the Maldives sightings and go with the acoustic data. Rather, we should pursue both lines until the case is resolved.

For more details see

NOTE (May 20, 2019):
Reunion/Madagascar is the area where Blaine Gibson discovered about 23 pieces of debris from MH370;. He has recently received death threats:

Second hour: Greg McCarron of The Antedote joins us to break down the Mueller Report and pose the million dollar question, “Russia-gate or Israel-gate?” We also discuss such related questions as: What is the real role of Putin’s Russia in light of NWO and Zionist global power? Does the Saker, whose brilliant article on National Zionism we both admire, exemplify a widespread too-rosy view of Russia in alternative media circles? Will the emerging multipolar world be any better than the old unipolar one? What is the role of the messianic Jewish Chabad movement? Is the organized crime cabal behind Trump Russian, Israeli, or fully international? And is the real battle political or spiritual?

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