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Sri Lanka/Notre Dame/Al-Aqsa: Gasoline on clash-of-civilizations fire?

Broadcast live every Friday 11 to noon Eastern (15:00 to 16:00 GMT) PSAs 1) Help FFWN unchain minds! 2) James Perloff on “War and Deception”: Live Video-Streamed Presentation Saturday, April 27, 2019 Sri Lanka Terror 3) Over 200 killed, hundreds injured in series of blasts at Sri Lankan hotels & churches 4) Sri Lankan government blocks social media and imposes curfew following deadly blasts 5) ‘Why was warning ignored?’ Sri Lankan minister tweets intel letter from 10 days before bombings 6) Muslims flee, Christians grieve in Sri Lankan town torn by violence 7) Trump claims Sri Lanka bombings “killed…


Peter Myers on “possible false flag” Notre Dame fire; Greg McCarron on Mueller report and Russia-gate vs. Israel-gate

Listen HERE First hour: Australian NWO researcher Peter Myers writes of the tragic Notre Dame fire (and the simultaneous al-Aqsa fire, along with the earlier St. Sulpice fire and wave of attacks on French churches): “Consider the possibility that some of these are False Flag attacks like 911. Certain interests want Christians & Moslems to fight each other. The most important real estate in the world is the Dome of the Rock & Al Aqsa Mosque; some fanatics want to replace them with the 3rd Temple – from where, they believe, the Messiah will rule the world. Trump has already signed…


FFWN: Trump vs. Ilhan Omar on 9/11; Notre Dame blaze benefits Macron & NWO

Broadcasts live Fridays 11 to noon Eastern at, then archived above PSAs 1) Help FFWN beat the “conspiracy filters” 2) False Flags that started our wars–live stream April 27th Ilhan Omar Is Right: Some People Did Something on 9/11 3) Trump tweets incendiary “lynch Ilhan Omar for 9/11” video 4) MSM incites political violence too: “Enforce Overton Window by punching people you disagree with!” 5) Donald Trump, Not Ilhan Omar, Accused American Jews of Dual Loyalty 6) Ilhan Omar Is Right: Some People Did Something on 9/11 7) FARRAKHAN GROUP INVOKES 9/11 CONSPIRACY THEORIES TO DEFEND OMAR 8)…