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Whistleblowing architectural photographer Tom-Scott Gordon: White elephant WTC Towers slated for illegal demolition by 1989

Did galvanic corrosion—along with asbestos—necessitate the illegal explosive demolitions of the Twin Towers?

Tom-Scott Gordon is an architectural photographer who worked for Emory Roth and Associates in a late-1980s project that documented the problems (corroding bolts, asbestos, etc.) that mandated the demolition of the Twin Towers by no later than 2007. Legal piecemeal demolition would have cost billions. So Rudy Giuliani among other co-conspirators actively or passively facilitated the 2001 murderously illegal explosive demolitions that were falsely blamed on Israel’s enemies—a geopolitical master stroke by way of “urban renewal by other means.”

See: Tom-Scott Gordon’s memo to President Trump

In this interview Tom-Scott Gordon recounts how he unwittingly participated in the pre-demolition documentation project in the late 1980s.  Below is his 2011 open letter.

An open letter to America’s architects & engineers from Tom-Scott Gordon

Re: Twin Towers slated for decommissioning

Today, over 1,500 professional architects and engineers have officially joined forces to help solve the apocryphal crimes of 9/11.As the 10th anniversary rapidly approaches, it is astonishing that major architectural issues have not been addressed, preceding the events that lead to the controlled demolition of the Twin Trade Towers.

Aside from two, long retired partners of Emery Roth & Associates who spoke of the tragedy itself, I am the only previous employee to have come forward publicly, legally documenting the firm’s “WTC-Towers, 1 & 2, Decommissioning Plan,” –code named– “the Bridgeways Project,” which references the pedestrian sheds and scaffolding this project would require.

Please review my prior, post-demolition report:’sWTCdeposition.php

My original assignment was to photograph each of the buildings surrounding the World Trade Center complex. Revisiting the site this past week triggered certain memories about this puzzle. Remarkably, I had completely blocked-out the personal trauma that forced me to relocate my business further Upstate to the relative safety of Mount Kisco shortly after the “FBI take-over” as I previously described in the lower section of a document titled: WTC 7 ‘Pulled’ By Silverstein, FDNY – Were Towers ‘Pulled’ Too? This prompted a request from the US Army Office of Intelligence for me to file a second legal affidavit, which I also filed with the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office and members of the US Senate Oversight Committee.

I had hoped to seek closure by meeting face-to-face with two individuals personally involved in the events in question. Yet, more important, it’s crucial for the general public to obtain tangible ‘proof’ that the Twin Towers were slated for immediate “decommissioning,” as early as 1989.This is a relatively simple task for anyone closely involved with local NYC real estate titles and valuations!

Being directly involved in the felonious ‘cover-up,’ I eagerly await an opportunity to present this evidence at trial and to subpoena numerous witnesses, as listed in my formal affidavit. Interestingly, NO ONE has challenged my allegations in any way!So, what will it take to trigger a full-blown criminal investigation?

Regardless of these concerns, I am not the most qualified one to access the vast, 240-linear-ft. architect’s archive at Columbia University, allegedly containing NO information whatsoever pertaining to the World Trade Center. As a free-lance participant, I should not be required to verify Emery Roth’s original project objectives. But someone needs to.

Independent researchers, such as Jeff King, Judy Wood and Richard Gage have done an excellent job of reverse-engineering what ‘caused’ these structures to collapse. But the real question is “why these” skyscrapers, and their cousins below? Why haven’t we seen any interviews or testimonies of witnesses from the list of previous Twin Tower tenants and contractors?

The facts in this case plainly equate to an inside job, from Cheney’s stand-down orders through the falsified findings of NIST, to the admissions of the 9/11 Commission members themselves. As Daniel Ellsberg has recently revealed, “the U.S. Media was ORDERED,” [by RICO definition, assuming a felonious, ‘conspiratorial’ role] to avoid publishing any information that would compromise the integrity of the official, [fabricated] Whitehouse story.

The ‘official cover story’ was that Skilling Associates and Emery Roth’s staff would be transferred to Seattle immediately after thearchitects and engineers of record† offices were shutdown, and both groups were ordered to abandon their premises in Tower One priorto the completion of Building #7. ..Why?

Several basic property issues remain ‘auspiciously’ unaddressed:

What supporting, or conflicting data about the integrity of the towers have the architects and engineers obtained directly from actual staff members of the team once crowned: “the #1 Architectural firm in the world?”

Exactly WHERE are these men and women living and working today?

More specificallyWHOSE NAMES are among those listed on various public permit & inspection filings for the Towers, and especially just prior to the completion of Building #7?

As a working professional, you must understand how ‘turning State’s evidence’ on a major employer may have caused an abrupt end to my 22 -year career as an architectural photographer. Naturally, I expect to hold the State accountable for any additional expenses I might incur in the pursuit of this legitimate course of inquiry.

Our US Justice System has worked diligently to avoid serious investigation of these issues. Still, I cannot give up hope and I wish to thank each of the major contributing 9/11 researchers, and especially the members of A&E for 911Truth, for their earnest commitment to the cause of seeking truth and justice for all.

-Tom-Scott Gordon, former architectural photographer, Emery Roth & Associates, AIA

Note, I have posted the only pictures showing Building #7 under construction ever to be seen IN THIS CONTEXT online.

†  The title: “architects and engineers of record” implies a formal declaration of intent to provide for the secure storage, and ongoing accessibility of all documents pertaining to the ‘as-built’ condition of a specific structure, IN THIS CASE THOSE RECORDS WERE–evidently–TRANSFERRED TO THE US MILITARY.

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  1. Amin Abdullah

    “Our US Justice System.”

    First of all, it is “US Criminal justice system” (yes, criminal justice, criminal court,…etc). Second, what is wrong with him that he is still saying “OUR” ?. Removing mental shackles is much more challenging than removing the shackles around one’s limbs. Don’t be scared, Just Do It !!!.

  2. TS Gordon

    Good point, Amin. I say the same thing to members of the peace movement who claim “WE” bombed _____X_____ nation. Repeatedly, it was “THEY”.

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