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They are coming for False Flag Weekly News

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1) Make America not Israel great again—defend the 1st Amendment—support FFWN

FFWN Under Attack

2) They are coming for FFWN

3) Alan “Israel Did 9/11” Sabrosky: Most Censored Man in America

AIPAC and Its Benjamins

4) Netanyahu jokes with Trump about corruption probe: ‘I hope they don’t open an investigation on us’

5) Bibi’s false flag “Hamas rocket attack”: Kevin Barrett vs. Maxine Dovere

6) House Dems ignore base, battle Trump for Israel’s approval with anti-boycott law as AIPAC looms

7) Third rail no more? MoveOn asks 2020 Dems to boycott AIPAC

8) Democratic presidential candidates skip AIPAC

9) Bibi/Trump’s Golan blunder: A gift to the Resistance

10) Deal of the Century minus one: Is Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East the deletion of Palestine?

New Zealand: “National Zionist” Terror Op?

11) ‘Lone Wolf’ Myth Covers Up Possible Mossad Role in New Zealand Terrorist Attack

12) The Great Fraud of National Zionism

13) Zio-astroturfed lynch mob of drooling morons targets Ilhan Omar – Fox News eggs them on

14) BNP founder Nick Griffin: ‘We were offered big money by Zionists in 2007 under two conditions: That we attack Islam, and never criticize the banking system’

9/11 Litigation

15 )Families, Lawyers AE911Truth to File Lawsuit against FBI over ‘9/11 Review Commission Report’ on Mar. 25

16) Families, Lawyers AE911Truth File Lawsuit against FBI over ‘9/11 Review Commission Report’

17) MSM outlet Courthouse News yanks article on 9/11 FBI lawsuit

18) Luxembourg court delivers setback to 9/11 families’ Iran claims

19) New Zealand mosque chairman blaming Christchurch massacre on Mossad

War on Venezuela

20) Russian air force planes land in Venezuela carrying troops: reports

21) Venezuela Plunged Into Darkness Hours After Russian Troops Arrive

22) Trump Warns Russia to ‘Get Out’ of Venezuela

23) Russia defends troops in Venezuela

War on Syria/Lebanon/Iran

24) Lebanon Decides to Confront Israel And The US in Shebaa, Kfarshouba And Syria

25) New Turkey-Iran-Qatar axis is rising in Middle East, and it has Saudi Arabia furious

26) Saudi Arabia supports China’s culture genocide of Uyghur Muslims>

War on Korea

27) CIA may be behind February attack on North Korean embassy in Spain – reports

Censorship Outrages 

28) Facebook to ban white nationalism and separatism but loves Jewish nationalism and separatism

29) GoFu**Me censors vaccine skeptics

30) Amazon burns books by vaccine skeptics

31) As Amazon Bans Vaccine Documentary, Child Sex Dolls Openly Sold on Their Website

32) New York county bars unvaccinated minors from public places amid measles outbreak

Odds & Ends

33) India’s anti-satellite missile test just moved humanity closer to a space-junk nightmare scenario

34) ‘They could have worn white face’: Jussie Smollett lawyer offers bizarre explanation as to why the Empire actor told police his Nigerian assailants were white – and points to old video of one of them wearing make-up to play the Joker as potential proof

35) 9/11: A plot to save the world from atrocious Forrest Gump sequel?

3 Thoughts to “They are coming for False Flag Weekly News”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    On the subject of vaccination and health :

    (1) 2019, January 11th. “Leading cancer expert dies suddenly following routine yellow fever vaccination” :

    (TOTAL ORGAN FAILURE…ding-dong…)

    “When once you interfere with the order of nature, there is no knowing where the results will end.” – Herbert Spencer.

    (2) Read the comment of the following YT videos and see how poor cats and dogs are being sacrificed on the altar of fake and for-profit official medicine :

    (3) It is time to seriously question “The Germ Theory” that has been pushed down our throats for far too long, and start finally value, appreciate and nurture the gift from Allah that is *The Immune System*.

    “Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.” – E. Douglas Hume

    _ ‘Howard Hencke’, in his 1995 book ‘The Germ Theory : A Deliberate Aberration’, notes that “it was critical for the new medical industry…

    “… to indoctrinate the public in the Western world with the belief that the salvation from all, especially physical ailments, lay outside the individual’s system and responsibility, because it was caused by external factors…and that chemical remedies (drugs) will keep him free from disease, independent of his own vigilant responsibility.”

    _ I recommend the following good read to start : ” The Post-Antibiotic Age: Collapse of the Germ Theory”


    Health is important for humans, because only the healthy ones have a chance to be instrumental in bringing a positive change in the world, be it by consent or conquest.

  2. Amin Abdullah

    “A mom refused to take her unvaccinated toddler to the hospital for a fever. Armed police officers tore down the door.”

    (The mom was told :

    “Wrong or right, it matters not. What matters is your obedience and utter devotion to be compliant with what we decide for you and your toddler. Most people have a more than satisfactory report card, you have to catch up with them.”)

  3. Amin Abdullah

    “On sait aujourd’hui, 100 ans après son décès, que Pasteur fut un génie de la tricherie, du plagiat, du truquage des statistiques, du trafic d’influence, de la publicité bien orchestrée et que, assoiffé d’honneurs et d’argent, ses différentes expérimentations vaccinales étaient truquées, selon l’aveu même de ses collaborateurs.

    Cet ouvrage rétablit la vérité à propos du personnage et démontrer, pas l’étude des principales vaccinations, leur inutilité et leurs dangers.

    Enfin, le lecteur apprendra comment et pourquoi existe une collusion pharmaco-médico-politique qui le désinforme et prône les vaccinations pour des raisons de profit. Il apprendra pourquoi l’acte vaccinal est devenu une sorte d’acte de foi en une religion dont le dogme est faux et dont les grands-prêtres sont les fabricants de vaccins et le corps médical.” –
    Book by ‘Louis de Brouwer’ “Vaccination : Erreur médicale du siècle” (1998)


    The books of ‘Louis de Brouwer’ are worth finding in English on amazon, but they are not for some reason. Maybe, in “the land of the free and the braves” (LOL), they are categorized as sedition.

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