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MuslimSkeptic Daniel Haqiqatjou on Islam vs. Victimolatry

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Daniel Haqiqatjou’s offers an honest and accurate discussion of topical issues from an Islamic perspective. Today we discuss “victimolatry”—the idolatrous worship of victims. Victimolatry is one of the many forms of self-worship endemic to today’s dominant religion, progressivist-materialist secular humanism. (Humanism, the worship of humans by humans, is obviously self-worship; it might even be termed cosmic narcissism.)

Why do so many well-known (thanks to MSM hype) American Muslims bow to the strange and often distasteful idols proffered by the secularists? Why won’t these self-styled “Muslim leaders” defend their positions in open debate? In this interview Daniel Haqiqatjou discusses his attempts to debate Linda Sarsour on Islam vs. LGBTQ; the Islamic view of victimhood as opposed to victimolatry; and much more.


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