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FFWN: Iranian pro-9/11-truth NGO New Horizons: Witch hunted by panicking neocons?

Broadcasts live Sunday Feb. 17 (normally Fridays) 11 to noon Eastern on — then archived above


1) A huge thank you to all our supporters — next week’s show already funded! So Kevin will do this one free

What Emergency?

2) I didn’t need to do this.’ Critics say Trump quote undercuts national emergency for border wall

3) Ann Coulter after Trump’s order: ‘The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot’

War on Iran

4) As Giuliani Calls for Regime Change in Iran, Netanyahu Raises the Specter of “War”

5) Netanyahu Deletes Tweet to Retract ‘War with Iran’ Gaffe

War on Iranian NGO New Horizons

6) US indicts former air force officer Monica Witt for helping Tehran, sanctions 9 Iranians, NGO

7) Special New Horizons Debate show on Press TV

8) Kevin’s radio interviews with J. Michael Springman  Scott Bennett  E. Michael Jones on New Horizons Witch Hunt

9) The real reason for New Horizons witch hunt: 9/11 truth leaders’ letter to Iran hatched by US insiders at last May’s conference!

10) Monica Witt case resembles USG railroading of Marina Butina, “The Spy Who Wasn’t”

11) Suspected Israeli agent Mnuchin sanctions Iranian anti-Zionist NGO New Horizons

War on Palestine

12) Counter-AIPAC “2019 Israel Lobby and American Policy” conference will be held on Friday, March 22, 2019 at the National Press Club

13) Private Mossad for Hire (New Yorker on Psy-Group)

14) Litigating the Bond between Living and Dead Palestinians,

The Anti-Semites Are Coming!

15) University distances itself from academic who promoted Rothschild conspiracies on David Icke show

16) Ilhan Omar says Zionists rule through money – has she been watching FFWN?     (last week, immediately before Omar’s tweet, we covered story # seventeen  “A Brief Look at Jewish Wealth”:    Another perspective: “Ask a Jew: How Do Jews Make So Much Money?”

17) ‘It’s all about the Benjamins baby’: Ilhan Omar again accused of anti-Semitism over tweets

18) ‘Sorry, not sorry?’ Ilhan Omar apologizes for ‘anti-Semitic’ tweet, reigniting controversy

19) Viral campaign: donate $19.48 to Ilhan Omar and ask her to withdraw apology>

20) US lawmakers vote to end US support for war in Yemen

21) House GOP taunts Dems with surprise vote to condemn anti-Semitism

22) NRA – apparently a branch of AIPAC – trashes Ilhan Omar

23) New world record! Breitbart publishes ELEVEN (11) “antisemites are coming” scare stories in ONE DAY

War on Venezuela

24) Ilhan Omar humiliates convicted criminal & death squad scumbag Elliott Abrams

25) An Open Letter to the People of the United States from President Nicolas Maduro

26) Israel Driving War on Venezuela?

Ghosts of False Flags Past: 9/11 – Douma – Parkland

27) Silverstein May Start Building Final WTC Tower Without Signed Tenant

28) ‘Why can’t we get this over?’: 9/11 hearings drag on at Guantánamo

29) BBC Producer Says Footage of Alleged Gas Attack Victims in Syria’s Douma Staged

30) A year after the school massacre, Parkland survivors vow to keep pushing for gun control

31) Multiple shooters! Testimony at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida

Canada Corruption

32) Canada’s Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, a Major Plotter of Illegal Regime Change in Venezuela,

33) More on Jody Wilson-Raybould/SNC-Lavalin/Trudeau Government Controversy in Canada,

Yellow Vests: French Revolution 2.0?

34) France ‘on brink of CIVIL WAR’ as Yellow Vest leader threatens to ‘BRING DOWN government’

35)  EU, France, Italy, and the Yellow Vests

Apocalypse Now?

36) Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018

37) Insects are dying off at record rates — an ominous sign we’re in the middle of a 6th mass extinction

38) Wielding Rocks and Knives, Arizonans Attack Self-Driving Cars

39) Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf (1927) predicted war on self-driving cars

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