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New Horizon chair Nader Talebzadeh discusses neocon war on Iran…and America

Nader Talebzadeh, Iran’s biggest TV talk show host, chair of New Horizon NGO.

Neocon-Zionist Mnuchin’s Treasury Department recently sanctioned Iranian NGO New Horizon, vaguely alleging that its conferences—which bring together independent thinkers from around the world—are fronts for Iranian spying. The sole basis for this absurd claim is the Justice Department’s indictment of Monica Witt, a former Air Force officer who allegedly defected to Iran and spilled secrets to Iranian intelligence. There’s only one problem: Monica Witt has absolutely no connection to the New Horizon NGO! As New Horizon Chair Nader Talebzadeh explains in this interview, Witt showed up uninvited at the February 2013 Hollywoodism Conference. The organizers did not even know who she was. She apparently presented herself as one of the many Americans who reside in Iran, and was allowed to join the conference as a courtesy. The organizers barely remember her and never saw her again.

New Horizon invites authors, journalists, activists, and notable independent thinkers from around the world to its conferences, which are held about once a year, usually in Tehran. Last May’s conference “Al Quds: Eternal Capital of Palestine,” held in Mashhad, gave rise to an important 9/11 truth initiative. Is Mnuchin sanctioning New Horizon to punish it for supporting 9/11 truth? Or is he lashing out at Nader Talebzadeh for his media work that helped stop Iran from acceding to FATF  — a Zionist international banking tool that designates Iran’s own armed forces as “terrorists”?

For more information, see my article Iranian Spying? Or Neocon 9/11 Coverup?

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