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FFWN: Marzieh free, Venezuela under attack


1) Help FFWN push back against the police state

Marzieh Hashemi’s ordeal—Pompeo & Bolton pushing attack on Iran?

2) Marzieh Hashemi released!

3) Local MSM publishes Kevin’s op-ed on Marzieh

4) US issues emergency cyber security directive as Iran-linked hackers strike during shutdown

5) Kevin & AFP wish Islamic Iran a happy 40th birthday

Another hostage of Zionism: Alain Soral

6) Alain Soral sentenced to a year in prison for “anti-Semitism”

Reopen Probes!


8) ‘They should rot in jail, not drink champagne’: Salvini calls on Macron to stop shielding (Gladio NATO)  fugitives

9) Two Years Ago Today the Plasco Building Demolition Killed 22 Innocent People in Iran

War on Venezuela

10) Venezuela breaking diplomatic relations with US after its attempt to stage coup – President Maduro

11) Venezuelan army disavows self-proclaimed leader, will defend national sovereignty – defense minister

12) US refuses to withdraw diplomats from Venezuela, vows ‘appropriate action’ if they’re harmed

Madness of Zion

13) IDF chief turned PM candidate touts body count & bombing Gaza into ‘stone age’ in campaign ad

14) Benny “We Zionists Should Have Finished the Genocide” Morris whines about Israel’s decllne—Gideon Levy responds

15) ‘Rambo, and Pal of Arnon Milchan ‘ ‘Total Recall’ producer Andy Vajna Dies at 74>

16) Malaysia says it won’t host any more events involving Israel

17) Man bites dog! NYT publishes pro-Palestine op-ed

18) Rep. Omar starts furor with tweets on ‘compromised’ Sen. Graham, Israel ‘evil doings’

War on Soros 

19) The Unbelievable Story of the Plot Against George Soros


21) Target Israel: George Soros-Funded Groups Leading BDS War on Jewish State

21) The Plot Against George Soros Didn’t Start in Hungary. It Started on Fox News

22) Media allies help Viktor Orban tighten grip on freedom of speech

23) MAGA troll behind plot to smear Mueller kindles new racist ‘birther’ movement to derail Kamala Harris


23B) Roger Stone arrested by FBI

24) MAGA Vs Native Americans Confrontation: What Really Happened?

25) 30 unaccompanied children were among 376 migrants who tunneled under border wall into Arizona

26) NY state Muslim village repeatedly targeted by anti-Islam terrorists

27) Gabbard’s Gambit: Forlorn Hope Or…?

Blackwater Planet

28) U.S. Should Replace Syria Troops With Private Contractors: Blackwater Founder

29) Erik Prince Interview With Lou Dobbs

Lifestyles of the Illuminati Rich and Famous

30) Richest 26 people own same amount of wealth as poorest half of the world – Oxfam

31) The super rich at Davos are scared of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to hike taxes on the wealthy

32) Illuminati Insider foretold Migrants, Surveillance Mechanical Procreation

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