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FFWN: Marzieh Hashemi: POW in the war on non-establishment media

Broadcast Friday Jan. 18 11 to noon Eastern on then archived above


1) Support FFWN—it’s cheaper than therapy!

2) Free Marzieh Hashemi—Twitter storm happening this morning!  #FreeMarziehHashemi   #PrayForMarziehHashemi

War on Non-Establishment Media

3) Marzieh Hashemi: Our Post-9/11 Orwellian Nightmare

4) How a NeoCon-Backed “Fact Checker” Plans to Wage War on Independent Media

5) The Twitter Smearing of Corbyn and Assange

War on Iran

6) Pentagon Officials leak to NYT to head off Bolton’s war on Iran

7) Is Bolton Steering Trump into War with Iran?

8) Companies That Do Business with Iran Can Bid on Government Contracts in Israel

9/11 & 9/11 wars

9) Deep State Doesn’t Want to Expose Full Truth About 9/11 (Kevin on Sputnik)

10) ISIS Attack in Syria Kills 4 Americans, Raising New Worries About Troop Withdrawal

11) Trump’s Nighttime Trip to Iraq Confirms the Debacle

12) US Embassy in Iraq Covers 80 Football Fields- A Behemoth From Which to Rule the Middle East

13) Israel finally admits arming “Syrian rebels”

Israeli-Occupied USA

14) The Israeli company that built a wall along Gaza’s border wants to build Donald Trump’s wall on the Mexican border

15) Trump’s Israeli Wall

16) House passes bill to force Trump to nominate “anti-semitism” head who would monitor criticism of Israel

17) Democrat Gabbard, who slammed Israel for live fire use in Gaza, to run in 2020


19) Extensive Twitter Thread Detailing Gabbard’s Hawkishness

20) Israel & “foreign election meddling”

Trumpy America

21) Fake Washington Post edition claiming Trump resigned pops up in DC

22) No SOTU till government reopens: Pelosi threatens to deplatform Trump

23) 1958 Western TV show predicted Trump trying to con Americans into building a wall.

24) Trump ‘confiscated the translator’s notes of his Hamburg meeting with Putin and there are NO detailed records of his private Helsinki sit-down with the Russian leader’

25) Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset

26) Russia’s Most Notorious Mob Boss is not Russian- He’s Israeli

War on Venezuela…and Russia?

27) Trump considering recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader as legitimate President

28) Russia raises alarm over U.S. support of Venezuela’s opposition

Canadian Civilizational Clashes

29) Canadian Sentenced to Death in China in Shadow of Meng Wanzhou Criminalization

30) Pipelines, Aboriginal Rights and Policer Power in British Columbia

31) Canadian Greg Felton Gets the American Revolution All Wrong on FFWN

French Class War Clashes

32) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in France of the Yellow Vests vs Macron,

33) Shocking Police Brutality at Yellow Vests Protests: 12 dead, 1700 injured, 60 shot in face with rubber bullets, 12 have lost an eye

Modern Art

34) ‘McJesus’ artist demands Haifa museum remove artwork because he supports BDS

35) Port Authority Removes Saudi Arabia ‘Candy Flag’ Statue on Ground Zero After Backlash

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