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Gwenyth Todd on Admiral’s “suicide” & false flag plans vs. Iran; Ruqiye Turdush on China’s oppression of Uyghurs


Gwenyth Todd

First hour: Former high-level US government insider Gwenyth Todd discusses the suicide (suiciding?) of Admiral Scott Stearney, chief of the crucial US Navy 5th Fleet in Bahrain. Gwenyth says the neocon Zionists she used to work for tricked the US into invading Iraq for one overriding reason: to put US bases and forces into Iraq in preparation for a war of aggression against Israel’s #1 problem, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Among other revelations, she says ex-CIA agent Will Hurd (R-TX) did some evil/incompetent things in Bahrain in an apparent effort to start a war with Iran under false pretenses…and he may be a key member of Israel’s “push America into another huge war” team.

Ruqiye Turdush

Second hour: Ruqiya Turdush, who will answer questions including:

Who are the Uyghur people? Can you tell me something about this group’s history?

We are hearing about severe Chinese government repression against the Uyghur people. What is the situation like, and how do we know?

I have spoken to people living in China who say there are many Muslims in various parts of China and that for the most part they are allowed to practice their religion without undue interference. Is this true? If so, why are Uyghurs being repressed so much more than other Chinese Muslims?

Is the Chinese repression of Uyghurs partly the result of global Islamophobia driven  by 9/11 and the phony “war on terror”? Or is it purely an internal Chinese thing?

According to some accounts it sounds like Chinese actions in Xinjiang fit the description of (cultural) genocide under international law. Do you agree? How does this situation compare to other genocides against Muslims  (Palestine, Myanmar, Kashmir)?

Have Western intelligence agencies been involved in stirring up trouble in Xinjiang?

What can Muslims and people of good will do to help end the repression of Uyghurs?



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