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FFWN: ‘PERFECT TIMING’ + Israeli PR = ‘Yellow vest’ FALSE FLAG


1) Be a FFWN Santa!

Strassbourg False Flag Shoots Down Yellow Vests?

2) Israeli PR jumps the gun — as usual — on Strasbourg false flag

3) ‘PERFECT TIMING’ ‘Yellow vest’ conspiracy theorists claim Strasbourg shooting was a ‘false flag’ operation arranged by Macron to distract from riots

3A) Cherif Chekatt, France gunman who opened fire at Christmas market, is dead, prosecutor says

4) Strasbourg attack not a govt conspiracy to undermine Yellow Vests – Interior Ministry official

5) More than 1300 were arrested and dozens injured after violent anti-government protests engulf France — here’s how the clashes unfolded

6) Israeli Scammers Swindle 3000 French of $20 Million – No Wonder Macron Is Hated

7) When will the yellow vests come to America?

War on China

8) A declaration of war against China

9) Senior Chinese military officer calls for attacks on US ships in the South China Sea

10) Ron Unz on “Averting World Conflict with China: The PRC Should Retaliate by Targeting Sheldon Adelson’s Chinese Casinos”

11) China to Operate New Port in Haifa

Uyghur genocide?

12) China Is Treating Islam Like a Mental Illness

13) Kevin to interview Ruqiye Turdush of Institute for Research of Genocide Canada on Chinese genocide of Uighurs 8 pm Eastern tonight on  http://Revolution.Radio


14) Manhattan paper publishes Mark Crispin Miller’s 9/11 article

15) Kevin’s AFP article on mythmeister Zelikow vs. Goodson/Hitchens revisionist histories

16) WaPo: This is the man who recruited the 9/11 hijackers

17) Rothschilds’ Economist: Pakistan’s president is a Muslim 9/11 truther who has “embraced Islam and every conspiracy theory that comes his way”

18) Springfield 9/11 monument committee reaches $300000 goal—will they build statue of Lisa Simpson holding predictive programming image?

Zionist hegemony

19) Facebook Twitter Impose Israeli Military Censorship on Their Platforms

20) Israel lobby bills may pass through Congress by stealth

21) US scrambles to save funding for PA security forces

22) Arkansas Times challenges law that requires state contractors to pledge not to boycott Israel in federal court

Constantinian vs. Prophetic Judaism

23) Reply to Danya Ruttenberg on Jews and Usury

24) Ocasio Cortez Claims Jewish Ancestry Ben Shapiro Attacks

25) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t even in office yet and she’s already pulling back the curtain on the inner workings of Congress

26) Salute to “prophetic Jew” the late William Blum

Crimes of Ibn Saud

27) Transcript of audio recording from Jamal Khashoggi’s murder reportedly describes him gasping for air in his last moments


29) U.S. senators flip middle finger to Trump and Bin Salman


30) What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency

31) Trump’s Attorney General nominee Barr a drug dealing assassin?

32) One Snub Too Many: Kremlin Ready to Turn Against Trump as Patience Coming to an End

33) Ammon Bundy spoke kindly about the migrant caravan. The backlash has him reevaluating his supporters.

Billionaires cause climate change

34) Billionaires Are the Leading Cause of Climate Change

35) Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions study says

Moon Skepticism Rising

36) Stephen Curry Doubts Moon Landings

37) Massimo Mazzucco’s “American Moon” shows both sides of moon landing debate—and the skeptics have a better case

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