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Tom Mysiewicz on “Trump purges right-wing terrorists”; Linh Dinh says Uncle Sam is a dead man walking

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Today’s two guests were purged from mainstream literature and journalism, respectively, for the crime of questioning our culture’s hegemonic narratives…that is, for doing their jobs.

First hour: Ex-mainstream journalist turned mushroom-gatherer Tom Mysiewicz stood up to the Zionist Power Configuration and lived to tell the tale. Unlike certain other red-pilled conservatives, Tom isn’t swigging any of the Trump Kool Aid that’s going around. This evening we will discuss his new article TRUMP ANNOUNCES PURGE OF “RIGHT WING TERRORISTS.” Halfway through the hour we will expect a call-in from Trump supporter Rolf Lindgren.

Second hour: Linh Dinh‘s  promising mainstream literary career got torpedoed when he started telling too much truth about 9/11 and other taboo subjects. In this evening’s broadcast we’ll discuss his new article Disruptive Uncle Sam, Rising Eurasia and Murky Pittsburgh. A call-in is expected from former mainstream journalist Greg Felton, who, like Tom Mysiewicz, was forced out of his MSM career for telling the truth about Occupied Palestine.

2 Thoughts to “Tom Mysiewicz on “Trump purges right-wing terrorists”; Linh Dinh says Uncle Sam is a dead man walking”

  1. Kevin Barrett

    A listener writes:

    Ricardo as Juror: Bias in favor of False Flag Theory: After watching 9/11 Loose Change and Zeitgeist, I believe that whatever hit the pentagon was more like a missile than airplane. There were no marks left by the broad wings or heavy engines mounted on the wings. Building 7 falling was immediately suspicious. SO, I believe those two events were most likely false flag events. Nova did a convincing enough documentary on buildings 1 & 2 having a new asbestos replacement that easily broke off exposing the steel to heat followed by an animation of the steel frame buttresses giving way. I’m not an architect, but I remember that buildings 1 & 2 were considered very poorly constructed vs. The Sears Tower in a Humanities class discussion. I am aware of the architects tour describing the failures of building one and two not being possible or likely. At least part of 9/11 was false flag. The WMD situation in Iraq seemed unlikely before the Iraq War as Desert Storm wiped those out and inspectors verified since. The Neocon writings of Paul Wolfiwitz(sp?) also indicated they need a pearl harbor like event to go into Iraq. I believe The Bay f Tonkin was a false flag event. My bias against: While I often vote for third parties, I tend to favor Dems over GOP.

    Theory in podcast: the pipe bombs are a false flag attack put together by the deep state and/ or liberals trying to swing opinion away from the GOP. My responses to points in italics. Innocent until proven guilty and beyond a reasonable doubt are the standards I will apply to these serious accusations. I still have reasonable doubts as to this being a false flag event. No one is going to listen to rhetoric and take violent action: Thousands of people volunteer to go to war because of rhetoric. Is it impossible that maybe a few people would take up violence to go after who Trump repeatedly identifies as enemies of the people or state? February 22, 2015 at a Las Vegas Rally. Trump says, protestors in the old days would be carried out in a stretcher and that he’d like to punch a protestor in the face. Crowd roars it’s approval. “If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously, OK? Just knock the hell… I promise you I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise,” said Trump at an Iowa rally on February 1, 2016. On March 9th at Fayetteville, NC rally a Trump supporter punched a protester in the face while that protester was being escorted out by the security. March 20, 2016, Tuscon Arizona Trump rally, As trump is describing a sign holding protester as “a disgusting guy”… the protestor was then thrown on the ground, punched in the back and gets viciously kicked while on the ground. The Trump crowd roars its approval. Video KGUN Tuscon It was too dumb an idea to work. Cesar seems too intelligent to do such an ineffective poorly timed action that would so obviously not help the GOP. A GOP supporter would not do this. Doubts: I work with mentally disabled adults. Several are very intelligent, able to hold down jobs, hold very logical conversations, etc..but can’t control their impulsivity. One, on occasion, bangs their head on porcelain or even sidewalks until their head is bloodied. People do dumb things that they even coach themselves not to do. How many convenient store robbers fail to use a mask or gloves and get caught on camera? How many robbers leave something incriminating behind? The shows like COPS is filled with such dumb examples. City officials

    have gambled away city funds at casinos knowing it’s a dumb idea, but they are impulsive. Bill Cosby is an intelligent guy, yet he kept doing something that put everything at risk. Lyndsey Lohan and Winona Ryder shoplifting was completely dumb, but they are smart people. Was Cesar mentally ill or under duress? His family said he had been living out his van for quite a while. That our be stressful, so Cesar was probably under stress. Why would he target Robert Dinero and all these folks not running for office? How did he even know about Robert Dinero? Response: See above impulsivity discussion for sending out too many at once. Rolf repeated that Cesar is a politics junkie. A junkie would likely notice Robert Dinero’s jabs at Trump. If he goes on Youtube, he may have noticed Dennis MIller’s response to Dinero on Fox Business which got 1.1 million views. Dineros’s Tony Award ceremony “Fuck Trump” speech got 2.2 million views on The Guradian youtube channel, 613K views on Variety’s, The Tony awards were watched by 6 million viewers on TV. I imagine it was all over Twitter. Dems are so furious: I think some Dems are furious…, but there were plenty of burning effigies of Obama on the gallows. At Trump Rallies massive crowds chant Lock Her Up. Lock Them Up, etc.. So one can’t use this as proof it was a Dem and not a conservative with full confidence.

    School Shootings are false flag attacks…Parkland was so close to Mar a Largo, Florida is an important battle ground state. School Shootings in the US date back to November 12, 1840. Maybe some are false flags,, but hard to believe all are or any specific ones are. https:// ( A separate point of confusion from the podcast) If 9(/11 and 23 of 25 or so terror events since 9/11 are false flag events according to Judge Neopolitano (sp?)… Why use the fear of Islamic Terrorism to drive policy? Even adding The “Bowling Green Massacre” that Kellyanne Conway referred to in a TV interview…How is that not using false flag attacks to manipulate the public for political ends? Does the exaggerated narrative of Islamic Terror bring us closer to violence or closer to peace? The Indian gas station owner on Willy St. got repeated death threats. People in our neighborhood would take turns watching over him and the station. Furthermore, while everyone personally knows people who died from drunk driving, heart attacks, cancer, medical mistakes, pneumonia, infections, etc..hardly anyone knows terror victims. Counting 23 of 25 terror attacks and 9/11 as false flag events, makes Islamic terror a non-issue. Why continue the lies and stoke fear? Seems to contradict Trump as a good POTUS.

  2. Kevin Barrett

    guest Tom M. writes:

    I think I forgot to point out that the one major Trump change in NAFTA was a clause preventing Canada from entering into any free-trade deals with China. No such pressure on Israel, which has been in the process of negotiating such a deal for some time.

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