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Sander Hicks on Khashoggi-Deep State, Cynthia McKinney on Soros color revolution in America

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First hour: Journalist-entrepreneur and sometimes political candidate Sander Hicks of the New York Megaphone joins us live from New York City to discuss Khashoggi’s Deep State connections; how one can be a socialist and an entrepreneur; the plusses and minuses of feminism and identity politics (Sander sees more plusses, Kevin more minuses); and more.

Second hour: Former six-term Congressional Representative and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney , editor of the brand new How the US Creates Sh*thole Countries, wonders whether Soros and associates are working on an anti-Trump “American color revolution.” We also discuss the role of big money in politics, the difficulty of publishing frank and truthful work in the academic world, the perils of victimization-based identity politics, and whether the American empire will collapse any time soon…possibly with a little help, whether intentional or not, from Donald J. Trump.

Cynthia McKinney

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