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Happy Holidays! 70% of Americans, 60% of Brits believe “conspiracy theories”

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1) Send some holiday cheer FFWN’s way!

Another JFK anniversary passes — Americans know but are too lazy and cowardly to do anything about it

2) 7 in 10 Americans believe JFK “conspiracy theories”

2A) Phil Ochs and the Crucifixion of President John F. Kennedy

3) Laurent Guyénot argues Israel key force behind JFK hit

4) Magic Bullet Theory, Suicide Via Beating Oneself to Death…What Next?

NYC Museums: Truth vs. Lies

5) The Art World Weighs In On Conspiracy Theories

6) Summit on Security Brings Public Officials and Cybersecurity Experts to 9/11 Memorial Museum

Who’s Fake News?

7) Study shows 60% of Britons believe in conspiracy theories

8) Trump leaking out forbidden truth of 9/11: Scholar

9) ‘Nothing on this page is real’: How lies become truth in online America

10) Welcome to dictatorship? What lies behind France’s controversial ‘fake news’ law

Crimes of Zion

11) IDF Shoots AP Cameraman in Press Vest Covering Gaza Protests

12) Snowden links Israel to Kashoggi assasination:

13) Airbnb To Remove Listings in Israel’s West Bank Settlements

14) Black Jew Swarmed By Hasidic Mob — For Carrying A Torah While Not White  Read more:

15) Are Jared and Ivanka Good for the Jews?

Crimes of Ibn Saud

16) Yemen crisis: 85 000 children ‘dead from malnutrition’

17) CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination

18) Trump’s Saudi support highlights brutality of ‘America First’ doctrine

19) Saudi royal family members preparing to dump Bin Salman?

Scary Scary Russia, Iran, ISIS!

20) US targets within Iranian missiles’ striking range, commander warns

21) Russia is luring international arms buyers with a missile system that costs much less than models made by American companies


Trumping the Rule of Law

23) Trump rails against 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in wake of asylum ruling

24) Chief Justice John Roberts denounces Trump’s criticism of a federal jurist as an ‘Obama judge’

25) White House authorizes border troops to use lethal force – report

26) Trump would visit troops in Iraq and Afghanistan except he’s afraid they will kill him

Camp Fire: Conflicting Narratives

27) Offical story: “Wind gusting at 72 mph blew the flames sideways, propelling them house to house so quickly that heat did not have time to bake the leaf canopy of the trees above. Houses incinerated while the trees around them remained unscorched.”

28) Official story: The Camp fire burned homes but left trees standing. The science behind the fire’s path

29) Camp Fire narrative #2: California Wildfire: Another Directed Energy Weapon Attack?

30) Calls to Censor YouTube Because It “Lets California Fire Conspiracy Theories Run Wild”

War on Freedom

31) Secret Charges Against Julian Assange Revealed Due to “Cut-Paste” Error

32) Coming to America: China blacklists millions of people from booking flights as ‘social credit’ system introduced

Moral Panic Spreads: The Nazis Are Coming!

33) New American Nazis: Inside the White Supremacist Movement That Fueled Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

34) Prom photo Nazi salutes in Sauk County WI (Kevin’s county) Parents address school board as Nazi salutes in Baraboo High School prom photo spark outrage online

35) Hitler Wouldn’t Risk Doomsday But The United States Did – Daniel Ellsberg on RAI

I Want to Be a Woman

36) Goldman Sachs offers free sex changes — next year will it be mandatory?

37) Trans murderer granted £20,000 gender reassignment surgery on the NHS

38) Monty Python’s The Life of Brian – I want to be a woman

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